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I have already written my posts for the next three weeks. I know, right? It actually works well for me because I write when I’m inspired with a God moment or clever idea. And as clever and inspired as I think my posts are, I’d like to hear from you. All 18 of my readers. Is there a particular topic you’d like for me to address on my blog? Oh, let’s say, something about motherhood, marriage, mentoring or miscellaneous things that may have no spiritual significance whatsoever? What a clever tag line. Seriously. Anything? No? My bad.

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  1. it’s a fallen culture so let a dude chime in…how about biblical femininity?

    interested in what you think it looks like in todays culture…and as we the body…i do have three daughters you know.

    you can even make it bullet points…i love those.

  2. i think you do a great job. and your post either make me laugh or cry. and i love reading your blog when i can
    and i want to thank you for the time and effort you put into it
    i have personally been going through a lot of growth with God lately and am question what it means to truly be a daughter of God – maybe you can share your thoughts. and why we all are told to we are “princess”( igot this when i was trying to get abook at mardels) – ect – what about those of us who like to ride bike and get dirty? just wondering your thoughts……….

  3. I love your blog! 🙂 I know it takes a lot of work to keep up… so thanks!
    I’m about to have my first son (next month!). So anything on raising boys I just soak up. Also probably more about mentoring. I asked my husband the other day if there was anything I could do to be a better wife to him. (I was expecting this laundry list of things that he wants me to do.) He told me that he wanted me to get a mentor. I’m not sure how to go about that so any advice would be awesome.
    Thanks, girl! YOU ROCK. 🙂

  4. Wow, these are great suggestions already! The Biblical femininity would be very cool.

    I was wondering about your thoughts on how you knew that Chris Beall was THE ONE, or advice from the first year of marriage. You know, taking it a bit old school! 😛

  5. What about transparency in ministry?

    How to overcome the cookie cutter image of a Proverbs 31 woman?

    Wholeness vs confidence?

    Trusting God with the little stuff?

    Life behind the little white picket fence?


    This is so your blog Cindy, and you do an AWESOME job by the way. These are things that I deal with as a lifegroup pastor in my church.

    Maybe you can Elaborate?

  6. I think you do an incredible job with your blog. As you know I am a daily reader. Not only do you inspire me but I learn so much from you. You hold me accountable in my daily walk with Christ. Thank you! I would love to see your thoughts behind letting go of hurt feelings and moving on. How can I move on after being hurt emotionally by a loved one. And as always I enjoy your advice on marriage and motherhood. Thank you for putting yourself out through your blog.

  7. Your blogs are always great. Raf suggested “farting”, but you’ve already covered poop, and we all know that poop is hard to beat. I always like the ones that make me self-evaluate – the ones that make me put aside my flesh stuff and want more of the God stuff. But, if you’re finding great deals on make-up, shoes and handbags, I’d like in on that, too 🙂

  8. I think that I would like to hear advice for dealing with step children. What kind of say do you have in his little life. Is it only when he is at your house or are you included in some of the decisions overall. How do you deal with situations like “we don’t do it like that at home”? How do you deal with the initial adjustment period when he comes and stays.

    I guess just basic advice of things that you have learned adn observed.

  9. the “must-knows” that you present to those you mentor.

    on another note, i told my husband this weekend that i’m SO glad that i have a ton of unpublished posts, or else i wouldn’t have a blog while i’m working full time.
    when inspiration hits, i grab whatever i can & write it down… so i have a lotta posts waiting to go.

  10. I must be one of your 18 readers since I stop by almost every day. 😀 That’s the thing about, you never quiet know what you’re going to find that day. I wouldn’t want to put you that “box” by saying what I’d like to read more about…just write and God will use it.

  11. oooh……you watch out now Cindy…you just open the flood gate 🙂

    I will email you my thoughts….

  12. Hey Cindy,

    I attend the Life SOC campus, and I can’t tell you how I’m blessed DAILY by the things that you share from your heart. I don’t even know you but you are such an encouragement.

    I’m 35 yrs old I have a hard time grasping the fact that I’m still single. I go through days where I think that there might be something wrong with me, or even the silly thought that “maybe God’s has forgotten about me”. And I know that God has not forgotten me, and that He hold my future in his hands. I feel like I’m a pretty solid Christian but I have my moment where I feel that maybe I’m in the wrong place…. I could go on and on.

    Any suggestions

    God bless,

  13. HA!! how funny….I AM the nineteenth reader…and you only thought there were 18:):)

    You know since coming here….there is nothing I’d tell you TO DO…you inspire by just being you and putting out there what is on your heart….
    I for one am ALWAYS blessed….blessed to have found this little place of inspiration and honesty!! Keep it up girl!
    I’ll keep coming back!!


  14. Friendships in ministry. B and I tend to isolate because we are around people all the time. When it’s our days off we sort of hibernate-which is great for family time, but not so great in building friendships. He has accountability, I don’t. We have a life group. I’m glad he and I are best friends, but we miss the friendships we have had in the past.

  15. I was going to write about the same topic as Christi.

    Not to hijack this blog…but that’s one of my biggest ‘complain’ about US culture….people are friends on Sundays….or whenever they see each other at church, minister each other, worship each other, but don’t spend time and establish real friendships outside church. Right now I have more non-Christian close friends than Christian that I mean, people who I feel comfortable calling and them calling me and hang out on regular basis. Not to say the Christian ones are bad (and I have to be careful how I write this).

    I’m sure this will be a pretty hot topic if we dig into it deeper.

  16. I usually write mine a week in advance. That’s great to have some extra time, eh? (Speakin’ Canadian there). I’ve love to read someone else’s thoughts on sexual purity but not always targeting the single young woman, how about the divorced woman with children? I’d also like to hear good advice on how to choose a mentor. 🙂

  17. cindy…can’t find your email address! did you & chris do foster care?? i’m about to & would love to have your insight!

  18. Okay, I just counted comments from at least 26 people on just this entry… tee hee

    I’m a newlywed, so anything having to do with marriage I love. I’ll take all the Godly advice I can get.

    I’m a big fan of the random stuff too 🙂

  19. first of all, i’m realizing most people think through their posts before they write them. mine just come out. maybe i need to do some adjusting.

    okay, here’s something for discussing. probably doesn’t pertain to many people but i’m curious. if a spouse walks away from a marriage does the Bible say that the one left should continue to believe in restoration. and should “stand” for that restoration for the rest of their life? can you tell where my life is right now?

    i think you do a fabulous job and love reading whatever you have to say. i guess the best things to be writing about are those things that God tell you to.

  20. I love your blog and the things you write about…you’re a very wise Christian woman 🙂 I’m 27, single, and still figuring life out. I really enjoy reading anything about being single, finding a husband, God’s will for your life, life changes, etc…you get the idea! I guess in a broader sense, talking about things that have led you to where you are now.

    But whatever you feel like talking about, it’s all good! Ditto Rachel, i like the random stuff too!

  21. You know you have a ton of readers, Cindy! God is pouring out His favor! Receive it sista!

    Kara, Check out – they have an AMAZING family vision ministry!!

  22. Hey Cindy, ya’ll used to be my youth leader back in SA. You might or might not remember me, I just finished reading your book. Completely moved and blessed…you have me saying “I’m just sayin'” after every point I make on a daily basis. But I have a topic, one that I need advise on and one that might give alot of people insight as well if they are feeling the same as I’ve been feeling. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 3 years. I knew he was the one since his sister said she was taking me to meet her brother. That thought was enforced upon our first kiss…anyways…I still love him more than ever but is it possible to be with someone and yet sometimes, they drive you UP THE WALL!? You know, little stuff, the way he sucks up to my parents and other elders, the way he plays air piano in the middle of a restraunt when coldplay comes on, of course I’m smiling while typing this, meaning I probably answered my own question…but really, sometimes I find that some things just drive me crazy, is this normal? Or should I be with someone who never ever drives me crazy? I might me spending the rest of my life with him and dont know if this is normal!

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