Step Into The Pain

I finally made a visit to see a sports medicine doctor last Friday about my leg injury. After an ultrasound to make sure no blood clot was present, I came home and began the therapy that is expected to have me walking in two weeks. Two weeks, people. I was curious about the word therapy and found many definitions for it. The one I found most interesting was this: any act, hobby, task, program, etc., that relieves tension. I’ve already begun some therapy on my leg and although I know it will be in my best interest if I ever want to walk again, it has certainly NOT relieved tension. If anything, it hurts more. The Hubby and I were discussing my therapy on the porch swing Friday night. I am certain that he will become my own personal drill sergeant. I explained to him that the thought of walking, while I desire it so, frightens me. It frightens me because of the pain I know is sure to follow. His response was, “You have to step into the pain if you ever want to walk again.” And that sentence had so many meanings for me. Not only do I believe this applies to my physical life, I think it applies to other areas in my life as well. Spiritual. Emotional. Psychological. What about you? You want to trust a particular person again? You want to mend a relationship? You want to make changes in your life that others might ridicule? You want to take a career path that appears to be beyond you? Step into the pain. Cuz anything worth having is gonna hurt.

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  1. This is so true..

    “stepping into pain” brings out so many memories and so MANY VICTORIES in my own life.

    My motto is if you take the first step, God will take the next 3!

  2. I’ll never forget hearing a friend’s advice when going through a very difficult time. He said, “Sometimes, you’ve gotta play hurt.” It’s never any fun. But, it’s worth staying in the game. Like it!

  3. “step into the pain”… wow. i have a feeling i’m going to remember that for a long time.

    i try to avoid pain (physical and otherwise) at all costs. i’m more apt to run from the pain than step into it, so this is a real challenge for me. but… so right. sometimes i just gotta step into it and push through it.

    phew boy.

  4. One step at a time. You can do it!! In the end the hurt makes it all the better of an acheivement.

    Kind of ironic that the thing that did this to you is now a tool in the therapy. Enjoy the Tub. 😉

  5. A couple of things – there are several kinds of therapy, and yours is physical therapy. PT and relieving tension do not go together. Hobbies are a type of mental therapy, and those are usually considered as tension relieving (except for golf for many people).

    When my dad had his hip replacement a couple of years ago, I explained to him that physical therapy was his “job” at the time, and he needed to approach it as such. (He did, and was up and around without a cane faster than anyone expected.) The harder you work at physical therapy, the stronger you get, and usually at a faster pace than if you look at it as a chore. The same can be said for spiritual therapy, at least that has been the case for me.

  6. Yes, yes! Stepping into the pain was instrumental in helping me gain victory over my addiction. Avoiding pain only prolongs the inability to move forward.

  7. wow! I saw where this was going as soon as i read, “You gotta step into the pain.” But it is so true. I don’t believe growth occurs with pain. Thanks for that reminder. I need to apply that in several areas in my life right now. hmmmmmm. might steal that idea and elaborate more in a future post if you don’t mind.

  8. I’ve been afraid to pray lately (or better phrased, a bit hesitant to pray)..seems that everytime I pray for certain pain (or aggravating)-causing stuff to go, God does the opposite.

  9. That is great. I have been talking about this with some of my friends. If we are going to make changes for the better, it’s gonna hurt b/c we have to dig up so much junk and pain in order to heal and then change!

  10. How timely… I hate it so sometimes. I dont’ wanna go, I don’t wanna hurt…I don’t wanna care.

    I hope you feel better! I still don’t feel useful!!
    So I’m coming to Edmond tomorrow evening…I can make an early trip if you need anything;)

  11. i read in a previous bible study (the lies women believe) that we can’t grow in godliness without suffering.

    can’t get this theme out of my life right now.

  12. I have jumped into the pain. No stepping for me. Really wasn’t my idea to be there, but God has allowed it for a reason. And I KNOW He’ll bring good.

    Hope and pray you start feeling better soon and the pain eases daily.

  13. The Lord just used you to speak to me. I have been praying that the Lord would stretch me and use me for HIS GLORY! “Therapy Time” is just what I need. Thanks so much for your honesty. Have a blessed week!
    Kara-Texas I Sam. 17:1-58

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