You Want A Free Ticket, Ladies?

So, I am speaking at a marriage conference in May.  Only it’s not a typical conference as one might think.  It’s an online conference and I literally speak into my microphone in front of my MacBook while the “audience” listens on their own computers.  But you won’t see me and I won’t see you so I’ll probably be… In my pajamas. With no make-up on. And my house might be a total wreck. Which means that you can listen to me in your pajamas and without make-up on while your house is a total wreck. I’ll be speaking about Protecting Your Marriage.  There will be several other speakers as well during this conference.  The dates are May 10-12, 2010 and the cost of a ticket is a mere $12.95. BUT! Have I got an opportunity for you. (Applause.) (Cheers.) (Hootin’ and hollerin’.) I have been given five tickets to give away to my readers. Calm down.  Take a deep breath.  The excitement, it is intense. If you would like to win a free ticket then just answer the following question in the comments below. What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you? Remember, romance will be different for everyone.  Having your car detailed can be very romantic 🙂

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  1. I met Paul online first, and by the time we met in person for the first time, we knew that God meant for us to be together. That first weekend we spent together, he got a basin and towel and washed my feet as a symbol of the heart of a servant he always wanted to have for me.

    He set himself a pretty high standard, huh?

    I’m glad to say he’s continued to live up to it.

  2. I met Todd online too! I can’t say that he washed my feet…that came later!
    However, he proposed to me where I had only mentioned once before we even met. I passed this beautiful gazebo every day on my way to work. It was on a lake in The Woodlands, TX. He blindfolded me and took me there and asked me to marry him….of course I said YES!

  3. Honestly (and very thankfully) I had a very hard time choosing from so many occasions! Here’s a story from just a few months ago-
    This January, 2 1/2 years into our marriage we had our first child, Rebekah. We opted to have an unmedicated home water birth. 20-something hours into the sleepless 30 hour labor I felt as if my body was maxed-out COMPLETELY and there was no possible way I could get this baby out! He had been by my side the entire labor, available for me to use as a jungle gym with which to attempt to have productive contractions and a pin-cushion for those wandering claws of mine. After hearing my many wails and my concerns, he pulled me to himself gently and whispered very softly in my ear, “You’re my bride and you are God’s. You can do ALL things through Him! I believe in YOU!”
    Within an hour, little Rebekah was born 9lbs, 6oz and is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever laid our eyes on!

  4. My Rob, where do I start. He doesn’t think he has a romantic bone in his body – but I think differently. Here’s on wonderful example.

    He usually gets up before I do in the morning. If he knows I don’t have to get up he sneak out of our room, close the door, put the bathroom fan on (white noise) to block out any ‘family’ noise.
    As soon as he hears me even moving around in the bed he arrives at the door with a steaming cup of coffee, my laptop or even better all the junk mail! He knows I love sitting in the middle of the bed surrounded by pillows with the news or infomercials on and read the weekly flyers. He also knows this could take hours but he’s happy to let me do just that while he is downstairs tidying the kitchen, talking with our girls or getting ready for work.

    And what’s even more romantic, this isn’t my birthday, Mother’s Day or any other special day. It’s just a day and a wonderful way to start it!

    Oh and btw, everyday I get out the shower to a great cup of coffee on the counter! He’s the bestest ever! I can’t believe he doesn’t think he’s romantic!

  5. The most romantic thing my sweet husband has ever done just started recently……praying as a family. Throughout our 8 years of marriage, he never really prayed with me and our three sons as a family. I would ask him if he prays for us and he would always say, “Yes.” But over the course of the last 6 months, he has joined an incredible Men’s Bible Study, has been spending more time in God’s Word and has held the hands of our sons, as well as mine, while he prayed out loud! To see him stepping into his God-appointed role as spiritual leader of our home is the most romantic thing ever!!

  6. Unfortunately, I’ve investigated the online venue for this conference and it does “not” support my computer. I couldn’t attend if I wanted to. I think these places that do this stuff should make these online venues compatible with “all” computers. Thanks for the offer though, Cindy!

  7. Myhusband does romantic things quite often… probably my favorite memories are our date nights we have whenever a Charlie Brown special comes on. He can’t stand Charlie Brown, but Iove the cartoon. So, whenever he comes on, my husband invites me to dinner (that he cooks) and we watch whatever Charlie Brown special is on snuggled on the couch in our PJs.

  8. There are many, but the one that comes to mind at this moment happened when I came home from a ministry trip. I had been away on a 2 week trip to Africa, I had been ministering in Rwanda & Uganda. My amazing husband had planned a beautiful, stress free return home for me by completely cleaning the house & having the kids stay at their friends house. He had a delicious meal planned for me, we had a lovely time of sharing what had transpired over the past 2 weeks, then he let me fall into bed and sleep off my jet-lag. What an great husband I have!!! For me sometimes the romance comes in the nurturing, caring, thinking ahead plans.

  9. Awesome giveaway!!!

    Oh goodness, it is so hard to think of one thing he has done.

    But, if I had to choose only one, the most romantic thing my husband has ever done for me was picked me! There are many women out there, and he could have chosen anyone, but he chose me! He chose me to unite as one with.

    That is romance!

  10. My love language is service and I am blessed with a husband who cleans the house, shops, does all the yardwork…..I could go on and on. When he unloads or loads the dishes without me even asking…..now that does this woman good! It may not seem so romantic to others but to me it’s simply wonderful!!

  11. It would be hard to choose between these 2 things so I’ll list both.
    He surprised me on Mother’s day by singing in a duet in church with our 10 year old son; the song was, “Some Kind of Lady” . He also surprised me on my birthday by arranging for our daughter to come home from overseas 2 weeks earlier than I expected.

  12. 6 months ago, after our marriage suffered greatly from bad decisions, my husband decided that each morning, we should put each other’s wedding rings on and pray together before we part our ways. We do this almost every day, and though it can sometimes seem mundane, I do think about it from time to time and remember that each day, we are choosing to honor our marriage and each other.

  13. I had an unfortunate toilet papering adventure in 2008 in which I pretty much broke my whole right side (orbit, nose, wrist, ankle and foot). Having my husband help me bathe and dress was both humbling and romantic at the same time. Other stuff he’s good at: when he sees I’m chilly, he’ll throw a bunch of blankets in the dryer to get them all warm and bundle them around me, especially my feet. Lately: he played hero to my oldest son’s girlfriend when he came to her rescue and fought dragons *read people who bought a used car from her and then tore it up and wanted their $$ back 2 days later* for her.

  14. I am blessed to have the hubby that woman want to talk to their hubby’s when it comes to doing romantic things for me. I don’t take that for granted (I hope). The one that sticks out for me is our 15th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Inn at Bay Harbor in Petosky, MI for 5 days. He had set up appointments for me at the spa for massages, manicure and pedicure. The suite we stayed in had a kitchen so one of the nights while I was getting a massage he made us a wonderful dinner so I could come back to the room and just lounge for the rest of the night. He had taken along a cd player and candles for me to use while soaking in the tub. He knows I love soaking. There are a lot of other little details he took care of to make it a very special time.

    I love this giveaway! I am crossing my fingers and toes.


  15. Oh man… The absolute most romantic thing he’s ever done was actually on our first date. (so I guess you could say that it’s all been downhill from there)

    There’s no way anyone can top private ballroom dance lessons ON THE BEACH! Especially if HE is the instructor?!

    Cindy. C’mon. THAT deserves a ticket. 😉

  16. My hubby has spent money many times to be romantic in obvious ways (luxurious spa days, getaways for us in a limo, concerts….). But i think the most romantic thing he has done cost nothing. As we are trying organize finances and get our new home in order, we have cut back on many things. So on my birthday, he had the kids present me with cards, and my favorite doughnuts with candles. Then he rushed the kids upstairs to watch TV so he could set the breakfast area of our kitchen up like a cozy restaurant. Guess what was on the menu…leftover dinners combined by candlelight. (He is not a cook…lol!) He dressed the table so nicely and so sweetly with candles and music in our dark kitchen. It brought tears to my eyes because he wanted me to know that he never forgets that we are in this together good and bad. And when we dont have money or material possessions we are rich in the love God put in our marriage.

  17. I would have to say seeing my husband who is deployed get baptized in Iraq. He decided to completely give himself to God and start anew. So one morning around 3 or 4 a.m CST my husband was getting baptised. He and the chaplain hooked up skype so myself, our 5 year old son, my parents and my sister got to be a part of his baptism. That was the most beautiful and touching thing he could have done because it showed me how willing and commited he was not only to God but to our marriage as well.

  18. It’s hard not to chose! But when we were 15 yrs old, he took me aside and wanted to know before we even began to date if he was the kind of guy I thought I could spend the rest of my life with and if I was OK with just 2 kids and naming a son Lance! I agreed only if I was the girl he wanted to spend his life with and if he was OK with naming our daughter Lindsay. So only after that did he ask me to go to homecoming with him! I said “Yes” and expected his mom and dad to have to take us since we couldn’t drive but that wasn’t the case! He used all of his savings to rent a limo and invited my best friend and her date to go with us so that I knew his intentions were pure! He has done many romantic things since but its this story that started it all 18 years ago! Now we’ve been married for 12 years and we have our Lindsay and Lance! When I tell people this story they say it sounds like he proposed marriage at age 15 before he proposed a date. I guess that is sort of the case!

  19. Sounds great but I’ll be missing it due to baby coming right around that time – will any of this be on a podcast that we can listen to llater?

  20. The most romantic thing that Craig has ever done for me is just plain loving me. Trust me it isn’t an easy job. Everyday he shows me that he loves me. Yes he tells me he loves me everyday but he shows me all day long!!

    I do get a homemade Latte every morning before he goes to work. Oh and he makes me breakfast every morning. All that is before 7:30am.

    Spoiled I tell you, I am spoiled!!

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