You Know That Box You Try To Place God In?

He doesn’t fit. I know because I’ve tried it. Many a time. Here are a few signs that you’ve tried to cram the Almighty into a small space: – He’ll never be able to be a witness for Christ after all he’s done. – God would never use someone who hasn’t been to seminary to lead a church. – Attending church on the internet is not real. – Jesus would never want anyone to get a tattoo. I know so many people who are considered unqualified for ministry. These men and women are leading others to Christ each and every day. Seminary degrees can be extremely useful, but without God’s power, that piece of paper doesn’t do much. Did you know that people are turning their lives over to Christ left and right via the WWW? And that they are experiencing fellowship without ever seeing someone’s face? And don’t even get me started on how many people I know who use their tattoos to minister to the lost. Tattoos aren’t my personal cup ‘o tea, but they work for others. My point here is that we cannot assume, in our finite minds, that we know all that God can and will do. I have seen God use “inappropriate” people to accomplish His will on this earth puh-LEN-tee. After all, if God can speak through Balaam’s donkey, I think He can speak through anyone. I’m just sayin’.

16 thoughts on “You Know That Box You Try To Place God In?”

  1. Oh how true!!!

    It amazes me how many people say I found Jesus surfing the web.

    I live in San Diego, it’s a very fast moving city. People don’t have time for anything anymore.


    There’s a revival happening here. Why?

    Because there are people and large churches that are stepping out of the box and reaching the military, college, hispanic culture and the yuppies and the mid class families.

    We want to to enjoy the revivals when someone else is running the show, when God has told us too

    GO MAKE … (those are verbs not nouns)

    I don’t know about y’all,
    but that means I need to get up and make a difference..
    I need to see God VAST…
    I need to experience Jesus as REAL AND NOW…
    I need to get in the WORD and just wet my hunger and thirst…

    Simply Cindy, I NEED to see THE others….

    Awesome post!!!

  2. cindy…i lurk on your site every day. i traveled to honduras with chris a couple years ago…anyway, this is not on topic at all but i have some financial questions for you. could we email??

  3. It is just hard to believe that someone as broken as me would be able to lead anybody to my Saviour. I think I have in the past becasue of my brokenness they are more comfortable with it….Kind of like “Hey if God loves her then he must love me…..Not really sure.

    Love Ya’

  4. Been there…wanting to be done with it. I’ve learned so much about God being so much bigger than I can even think or imagine…it’s a good thing!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I love your writing-I always find it so meaningful, and I chew on it throughout the day as I bring up my two small boys.Thank you.

  6. Got some weird medical news this morning. Thanks for reminding that with God NOTHING is impossible. Time to let Him out of the box and let Him work miracles!
    Don’t really know you well but love you so much. 🙂

  7. I have a question and this is totally coming from an ‘un-informed’ person who may need to catch up on his bible readings….so forgive me for offending anybody with my ignorance. My question is more out of curiousity (not to challenge)

    I was told by somebody that Tattoing is actually not permitted in the bible? (something about idolizing something or mutilating your body)?

    I’m not saying now that those who have tatoos now have to laser them off, but one not necessarily have to get them to help minister to certain groups?

    Comments and thoughts?

  8. “After all, if God can speak through Balaam’s donkey, I think He can speak through anyone.”

    Great reminder! I love it. I’ll remember that the next time God wants to use me and I instead struggle with feelings of being “unqualified”… Thanks for this post!

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