You Could Be On Fire

I found something out a while back that seems to be true. I know I’m not the first person to think about this by any means. However, when I tell people my particular mindset, they stop, tilt their heads to the side, and say, “Hmm. Yeah, you’re right.” That specific something was that everything is relative. I know. It’s a gift, really. Think about it. My dissatisfaction with the twenty extra pounds I have on me is ludicrous compared to the woman who can’t win the obesity battle due to multiple, medical issues. My frustration with my sons when they won’t give me some space is heartbreaking to the mom who just lost her only child. My desire to purchase new items for my home is pathetic when I realize many people would just like to have a home. The women who mentor me are amazing. I don’t get to spend much “face” time with one of them since the Oklahoma/Texas state line separates us. Nonetheless, she is on my mind quite often, and I take every chance I can get to have a few minutes in her presence. She’s one remarkable woman. Many years ago she told me something that I’ve never forgotten and use often. I was complaining about something and how hard my life was, when she chimed in and said, “Well, things could be worse. You could be on fire.” Every single one of y’all just had a picture of yourselves on fire, didn’t you? And you thought about how bad that would feel, didn’t you? And now? You’re happy with your life because you are indeed NOT ON FIRE. You’re welcome.

17 thoughts on “You Could Be On Fire”

  1. So I read this after my own post today and now I’m thinking, “It could be SO much worse…” and I actually feel bad. ha

    I so enjoy reading your stuff each day!

  2. Amen sista. Your blog on “contentment” way back when was the first of yours I ever read. It got me. So did this one. I was watching one of the popular morning news shows this morning with a single, working mother of two forced to visit a food bank for the first time due to the deteriorating economy. While we are all feeling the effects of the current economic climate, I am blessed to still get my food from the local grocer. However, I feel I need to go beyond the “feeling blessed” part and so something for ones visiting the food banks. Besides, we aren’t to be people who just go on mission trips. We are to be missionaries. Did I just chase a rabbit or what? Anyway, great blog!

  3. Great thoughts!

    I often have a thought similar to this one…the “no one wins in the comparison game” thought. Anytime I envy someone, I remember that there is probably someone who envies me. And I stop and take a moment to count my blessings and find a way to BE a blessing.

  4. You are so right….being on fire would be far worse than anything I am dealing with. I will keep that in mind….

  5. I am gonna need to charge a whole bunch on that dang Southwest Airlines card so that I can come often to see you, my long distance mentor.

    Thanks for the reminder. Just so you know Fire scares me more than anything else. My heart breaks for people who loose their homes to all natural disasters but fire is just so permanent. It destroys everything in it’s path. I would rather drown than burn.

  6. The grass is always greener on “the other side”…however, in reality, it most often isn’t. I need to remember that even though it’s OK to have “goals” for the future, God often has other ideas and they are much better than what I could ever imagine for myself. I just need to rest in God and be confident that He gives me what I need.

  7. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes.

    In life it’s important to know the difference between a lump in your cereal and a lump in your breast.

    Thanks for the great post Cindy!!

  8. that is true indeed. i need to remember my need to step back and get a bit more perspective before i allow myself to be swallowed whole by my situations…

  9. Tis true. Thanks for reminding us all that whatever it is that’s bugging us, is really not all that big of a deal in the big picture.

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