You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

I got a phone call several weeks back from a friend of mine. She was beside herself because she recently learned of her brother’s infidelity in his marriage. Upon hearing the news of her brother, she immediately thought of Chris and me and felt that maybe we could help since we’ve been through the same thing. She asked if I would consider talking to her family. I spent a good hour on the phone with my friend’s mother since she was obviously distressed about what was going to happen to her baby boy’s marriage. I tried to encourage her as best as I could but the situation was looking bleak. For, you understand, her daughter-in-law wanted to call it quits. And rightly so. I felt the same thing after learning about Chris’ infidelity. It’s a natural, understandable response to such news. My friend, her mother and I joined forces in praying for reconciliation. I specifically prayed that if I was to speak with the wife, that she would contact me. Since she had not contacted me in the weeks that followed her husband’s confession, I could only assume she was not interested in hearing what I had to say. So I kept praying. Fast forward a few weeks to August 1st. I learned that the wife, let’s call her Stacy, had decided to visit her family in Texas by way of a one-way ticket. However, in the midst of her desire to remove herself from her marriage, Stacy decided to go to the Beth Moore conference via simulcast at a local church. After searching the internet, she found one about 45 minutes away from where she was staying. She attended the Friday evening session and was obviously moved to tears. Noticing that Stacy was sitting alone and fully emotional, another lady, Joyce, came up to her. Stacy shared with this stranger all that she was going through and Joyce said, “Please come back tomorrow morning. There is someone I want you to meet.” Saturday morning dawned and Stacy awoke with a sense of awe and amazement as she traveled back to the church where she met with God the night before. When she arrived, she found Joyce standing with a group of ladies. Noticing her, Joyce pulled her friend Nancy aside and walked toward Stacy. Stacy began sharing her story with Nancy. After several minutes of sharing, Nancy said, “My daughter went through a similar experience. She lives in Oklahoma, but I know she’d love to talk to you.” And then Nancy, my mother, took out her phone and Stacy called me. I…KID…YOU…NOT.  Folks, Stacy journeyed four states away from her problems, only to find that God would chase her down wherever she went. If you are running from something that you need to deal with, stop now. Face the music. The Creator of the universe…. CARES FOR YOU.

40 thoughts on “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide”

  1. Wow. What a story! Crazy how God works. I’ve traveled across seas only to find I still have to deal with “it”. Thanks for sharing!

  2. God is SO REAL and His loves ALWAYS amazes me. God can use ANY siuation for His GLORY….I am SO thankful you are willing to help mend the brokenhearted by embracing your walk and choosing to be His hands feet and “ears”! Knowing this had made my day!

  3. This brought me to tears. My most profound lessons have come from waiting. It’s not in my nature not to plow right into things – but when I can let God work through me, I find peace in the silence. And I continue to be in awe.

    Thank you for sharing this – and your story.

    Kim – NW OKC

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! This brought tears to my eyes as well! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s truly amazing to see “how” and “when” God works if we just open our hearts to HIM!!

  5. God is so awesome, what an amazing testimony of His love for every single one of us, even when we feel like we are completely alone and forgotten, He is seeking us.

  6. I love that God is so loving that he led her to you, but not only that, he kicked it up a bit and twisted it into a goosebumpy story that reveals his intimacy with details to the rest of us. That is an amazing God. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m laughing, because your story, for real, gave me real live goosebumps. Up and down my arm….around the I-kid-you-not-part…

    Wow. God is truly good and powerful and in love with us.

    Thanks for sharing this today.

  8. good.

    I needed to hear from God today about talking to somebody ‘about their problem’ or waiting for them to approach me while I pray about it.

    I am not usually inclined to the ‘wait’ approach, but your story reminds me that God’s ways are the best ways.

    I’ll wait.

    While I pray.

  9. GOOSEBUMPS! Holy Goosebumps! Cindy, I have had such a harried day and just now was able to read your post. What a blessing it was to my heart! I will be praying for this couple. Your story and ministry is a blessing to so many! Thanks for sharing this incredible story!

  10. cindy, i’ve been away from your blog for a couple of days & man i missed you! anyway, am back today & am so blessed by that incredible story! i, too, was covered in goosebumps!! god is so very good!!

  11. Hi Cindy. Well, this is kind of a random comment here, but I wrote a post and I really wanted to include a link to your testimony/story. For some reason, though, I got the link wrong. And I lost your e-mail address. Can you send me e-mail? I really don’t know what I did wrong.

  12. Cindy, it is Chad, Sarah Markley’s husband.

    Sarah told me to check out this post and said it was amazing.

    This story is unreal but so typical of our Lord. With so much love, passion and determination He chases us down. He chased us, Sarah and I, down a few years back and I am so grateful He took the time to do so.

    Thx for sharing.

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