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You Can Always Make More Money, But You Can Never Make More Time

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I don’t exactly know why I sensed an uncomfortable, maybe even heart-breaking afternoon ahead of me as I went to withdraw my sons from the public school system. After all, it was just me following up and solidifying the plans that Chris and I have been praying about for years. And finally, after more intense praying, researching, discussions with our sons, and more praying, we decided it was best to take the plunge. The plunge into home schooling our sons. If I’m honest, I don’t really like the term home schooling. Not just because of the negative connotations associated with said term in the eyes of many, but mainly because I feel the word school is so limiting. According to Webster.com, the word school means an organization that provides instruction. While there is nothing wrong with instructing people, I plan to do a whole lot more than plan lessons and stand in front of my children telling them what to do and what to learn and what to think. I want to inspire them so that they will desire to learn more and in the process, love to learn!  I want to provoke them to find out answers to things that I never cared about answering. I want to see their characters developed and fortified so that when the time is right, they will be able to stand up for their beliefs despite what the world is shouting. I want to rally around them and be their biggest cheerleader and support system. I want to broaden their horizons by allowing them to experience things that they’d never experience just reading a textbook. I want them to embrace their history and use it as a guide as to what not to do. I’ve talked to a lot of women whose children are raised, have gone off to school, gotten married and now have children of their own. Many looked forward to the day that those stinky boys and prima donna girls left the house. Many did not. But no matter how they felt about the upbringing of their children, not one of them has ever said, “You know, I felt that I spent too much time with my children.” Not. One. And I want to spend time with them. Plain and simple. My family is not your family. Our decision shouldn’t be your decision. Everyone has to live with their own decisions so make them according to what is best for your family. But for this season and maybe even the rest of the boys “seasons” of school, it is best for all of us that we keep them with us. If you educate your own children, I would love for you to share any encouragement you have for Chris and me. I know the task ahead will be nothing short of daunting. But what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger, right? Right?

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  1. Get ’em, girl! You are going to do GREAT! Look back at this post or your journal on the days that are hard and you want to stick them on the first yellow bus that drives by and remember “to this you were called”. 😉 He has already equipped you and will continue to do so for the days ahead. There are going to be two little boys whose lives are different because their parents said yes to so many other wonderful things and this will be just one more. I can’t wait ot hear all about it. Love you!

  2. hey gal…super proud of your decision. Jodie and I do not home school but I am in complete favor of adjusting your life to spend more time w/ your kiddos. I believe our greatest accomplishment in this season of our life is raising God focused, love saturated and missional living kids. Good for you guys…i pray for you and Chris regularly…I understand the season that you guys are living in….and by the way I am finally stepping into a deep passion of mine, this morning I launched http://www.epicparent.tv . check it out if you have some time…


  3. Encouragement zinging your way! There are hard times, but most days I am in awe at how blessed I am to be able to spend every moment with my boys. The “schooling” is no big deal, the life lessons, and not missing out on any learning opportunity with them is what is priceless. So glad you took the plunge!

  4. CIndy, CONGRATS!!! That is AMAZING! Andy and I took the girls out last November so we are hitting our one year mark in a week and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! You said it right, you can never get that time back and I have gotten to “know” my girls all over again! It is by far, the BEST decision we ever made! God is so good…and we are so thankful we were obedient to His calling on our family. I truly believe we will reap those blessings because of our obedience. It’s an amazing journey to take with the most amazing people in your life! It too will bless you in a multitude of ways. ENJOY your days with your precious boys!

  5. you are about to begin an amazing, yet incredibly hard journey. we have home educated our children for the past four years. you are right, it is not the right decision for every person or every family and it was definitely not something i thought i would ever do but God called me to home educate our children.

    i think the hardest thing for me is finding the balance between schooling, errands, keeping house, kids activities, blogging, exercising, etc…. school is a priority so some things fall to the side {like my poor neglected blog}. i have set “school” hours where i do not answer the phone or a knock on the door so we don’t have any distractions during school. i prioritize a to do list most days to focus on what NEEDS to get done.

    there are times when i throw myself a little pity party – when i talk to friends whose kids are in school and they are free to go to lunch, shop, go to coffee, keep their house clean, etc… but it doesn’t last long. my kids love being educated at home. some days are harder than others just like in parenting. it is definitely a journey.

    i am hoping to get a post up about school today or tomorrow {only a few weeks late} and i did a two part series on home schooling last year.

    i will be praying for you and your family on this journey.

  6. Cindy… what a great challenge and a wonderful commitment you are taking on. But you and Chris will do absolutely wonderful. My niece, Stacy homeschooled all of her 3 and she did a wonderful job! All the kids have done so well with thier lives, thier decisions and accomplishments….. one received a full music scholorship to Memphis, the 2nd tested into Colllege a year early but has decided to go on mission trip for 8 weeks to Kenya before she starts in January and the last 15 year old won top place in the mozart competion in Memphis last year…. They have excelled scholastically and Stacy was able to realliy instill value systems that willl carry them through life! I will be glad to let you know how to reach her if you ever want to talk.. Good Luck and the Memphis crew is behind you 100%. Tell the boys we love them

  7. A couple of people said it before me but I just want to point it out. Keeping the kids doesn’t have to be home school. We call it home education. To some it may just be a word choice but for us it is a lifestyle choice. Sure we do the spelling, math, reading, science, and other subjects, but we can drop it all to dive into the character issues, the discovery of something that fascinates them, or enormous questions about God. When they are home there is time enough for school next to the bigger picture of learning about life.

    I am excited for you as you take this journey for however long your family decides to walk it. On the rough days, be encouraged. He who began a good work in you (and your family) will be faithful to complete it!

    Have fun!

  8. I can tell you it has made the difference in Ryan. He is actually going to graduate in 4 weeks. I wish I was a little more hands on with the schooling but Craig is doing an amazing job.

    You are going to rock it!!!!

  9. I loved home schooling ! There are lots of resources in OK, I even joined an internet group and we cordinate field trips to Braums Plant got to see how they made everything kids loved at the end that they got a free ice cream and many other things! I know that the kids excelled in it with all the one on one attention that they got! Fully agree that it doesn’t all have to be from books that they learn we did TONS , of hands on stuff ! Lots of experiments! It;s a BLAST ! ENJOY!

  10. That is so sweet! My little girl is only ten months old, so we have so much time to decide what to do, but I am thinking about “home schooling.” I will be praying for you guys. God bless you!

  11. What a wonderful decision for your family! We do our adventures at home too. I left a full time job that I LOVED after having my son last Dec. and I knew that I wanted to be home with my kids. I wanted to spend more time with them, nothing can replace the joy of teaching my children what God wants them to learn. Good luck and I will say a prayer for you! Life is an adventure and praise Jesus that you are the one that gets to be beside your children on their adventure.

  12. Cindy, congratulations! This is so rich…and the journey has just begun! Praying for you, Chris, and the boys as you learn together!

  13. That is so awesome! I am sure your boys will love being home with and learning. It is so natural. Just pretend like everyday is a day in LifeKids, just more curriculum. My sons love learning at home. Have fun and may God bless your wonderful journey.

  14. Daunting? Yes, some days. But for me the pay offs are so much greater. We started off home schooling, then unexpectedly had to put our 1st grader into public school. That lasted for a year and a half. The reason we brought her home, to once again educate at home, was simply because I missed her. I loathed how much time she was in someone else care. I envied the other woman (her teacher) for her influence in the life of my only living daughter. And I detested having to follow a given schedule for when we had a “day off”. She’s now in 5th grade and her 3 year old brother is getting to learn how this schooling thing works even before it’s his time. She and her brother have had the opportunity to really get to be friends and learn to work together at a different level then had our daughter been gone all day Monday through Friday. God has been faithful to give me encouragement when I was discouraged and allow women into my life to be an example of a Godly mother and teacher. I pray you and Chris will be blessed by your choice and that your boys will feel even more loved and cherished because of your obedience.

  15. I just wanted to say I am excited for your family as you guys set out on this adventure! I was “homeschooled” (I totally agree with you about disliking the term school) from 3rd-12th grade and I LOVED it. You are so right; I cherish the time I had with my family that would not have been possible if we had gone to school. It was such an awesome experience for us, and I know it will be for you, too, because you are following God’s leading!

    I always love to get a chance to give encouragement to homeschool moms. I know they often struggle with doubt and fear about their choices and whether or not they are screwing up their kids’ lives. Like I said, I was homeschooled for ten years, including all of high school. Upon graduation I got a pretty sweet scholarship to OSU, got married, graduated with a 3.9 something in 3.5 years, got a job, and we are now expecting our first child in April (whom I plan to homeschool unless I hear otherwise from the Lord. Pretty sure he placed that on my heart, though. ;D)

    I’m not boasting, because I would have done of that without Christ. That’s all just to say that homeschooling works (and works well!) and that your kids won’t turn out to be some kind of stupid unsocialized freaks who can’t make it in the real world because they didn’t go to school. I’m pretty sure some people honestly think that!

  16. I was an unlikely candidate to be a mom — let alone learn-at-home with my children. But in our weakness, His strength becomes known. It was an adventure; it was revealing and after 20 years it proved to be one of the most important “yeses” I ever spoke to Him.

    My three children and I learned every day in His amazing grace. {And some days felt more “graced” than others! LOL!} I encourage you to be involved with a local group, avoid “experts” and don’t get overwhelmed by the “shoulds” of others.

    And always remember that no matter how experienced any mom is, she always wonders: “Am I doing this right?” ~Big Hugs

  17. I’m catching up with blogs, and you’re a rockstar Cindy Beall!!! I know you’re going to do a great job with this. You’re intentional. You’re articulate. You’re smart. You’re intentional. wait. I already said that one!

    Go get ’em. Pack those brains full of good stuff!

  18. You will love it! (and hate it!) But, mostly love it! We thoroughly enjoyed our seasons of home schooling. It was a great fit for us with ministry schedules (while we were overseas and here in the US), adaptable learning and Christ-centered focus. We get these kiddos for 18 years – a blink of an eye! Best to spend the time while you can!! Our kiddos re-entered the public school arena this fall, and are doing great – but would be happy to bring them back home if/when God calls us to that again. I’ll be praying for you all as you begin this journey.

    Do you need materials?? Do you know what curriculum you will be using?
    I have lots of STUFF and would love to send it to you if you could use it. Email me if so :).


  19. So excited for you guys! I love your heart to just lead their hearts!! You rock! You will love it. On the days you don’t, pop some popcorn and have a movie day in your pj’s! 🙂

  20. m, k, just answered my own dm question… I think we are going to be moving that direction. yet again another way that I’ll be asking for your input & prayers 🙂

  21. Cindy,
    I am so excited for you, Chris and the kids. My husband and I felt the call to “do something different” 2 years ago in regards to our children who are now 10,9, and 6. I still work full time overnights as a jailer and don’t get much sleep lol but I love love love the fact that I get that time with them and not someone else. When God first began to burden me about homeschooling I was like “God are you crazy there is no way” but it is so true that “with God all things are possible.” Some days are harder than other but at the end of the day I am so pleased with the character traits and Godly qualities coming from my children. Congratulations and I will be praying for you and your beautiful family as you embark on this awesome journey.

  22. I pulled my kids out of public school this last fall also to begin educating them at home also. It has been good and bad all wrapped up into one. How are you doing now? I hope all is well. I don’t come on your page often, but when I do, I am always inspired and encouraged. 🙂

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