You Might Be A Redneck

It is not secret that I am a Texan. A full-blooded Texan. Not the kind who move to Texas and put a “Native Texan” sticker on their car to convince themselves they were born there.  Not the kind who moved there when they were mere children.  And  certainly not the kind who moved there to retire. Pashaw. Native.  Born and bred.  Proud of it. It’s who we Texans are.  Snobby?  Perhaps. Proud?  You betcha. And because of this upbringing, I’ve been cursed blessed with some traits that may or may not make me a redneck.  These said traits often make me do things that I really wish I hadn’t. But I do them anyway. Case in point:
1.  You might be a redneck if you get on your husband’s zero-turn lawn mower, drive down the street with a gas can and fill up your kid’s dirt bike. 2.  You might be a redneck if you sit in your driveway wearing your sleep shorts and wife beater shirt all the while having it raised up so that your white belly can get some sun. 3.  You might be a redneck if you jumped up and down when Webster added “y’all” to the dictionary.
The saving grace in all of the redneck-ness is that at least I have a college education.  That’s something, right? Signed, Your Friendly Educated Redneck

7 thoughts on “You Might Be A Redneck”

  1. Here’s one for ya. My 6yo knocked over my dad’s glass of wine. I went to fetch a towel to clean it up only to be stopped by dad.

    “Let Gabby (the dog) lick it up. She loves wine.”

    Might be a redneck if???

  2. haha, my family has often been described as “educated hillbilly.” i don’t mind either one as long they’re used side-by-side. 😀

  3. 🙂
    What are you if you were born and bred in TENNESSEE and went to The University of Texas for grad school for only 2-ish years? Can I be counted at least a little bit as a red-necked Texan? Texas and Tennessee are similar. If it helps…I love your Salsa recipe…Dinah still makes it all the time.

  4. What about this one (and it applies to me and I’m not even Texan): …your Honda key is being held together by a BANDAID because you can’t afford the 200 bucks the dealership wants to replace it.

  5. I don’t think it’s nothing good about being a redneck. I was born and raised in B’ham, Al and I know what a real redneck is and it’s not good. You being a christian should do better and think different.

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