Bring The Water!

Pardon me for what I’m about to share, but this illustration is just too applicable to pass up. My youngest son struggles quite a bit with constipation.  I believe there are many culprits contributing to this including his love for cheese, his dislike for water and his love for cheese. Did I mention he loves dairy? On many occasions the child has experienced quite a bit of discomfort, ahem, when “taking care of business”.  I have explained to him time and time again that he must drink water so that he doesn’t have to go through said pain.  And in the middle of the pain, he agrees and declares that he will indeed drink more water. But, he doesn’t always comply even though I bought him a cute water bottle with his name on it. Pashaw. Just the other day he was in the restroom and he yelled, “Mom, bring the water!” I went in to check on him and he told me that it hurt and that he wanted the water to make it better.  I gently let him know that having water right then and there would not help but that he would have to have it every single day. Insert moaning and crying from a 5-year old little boy. Isn’t that the way it is?  Don’t we know we should do something and then don’t and then when we suffer pain, we want the water RIGHT THEN AND THERE to take away whatever it is that is making us miserable?  I mean, we know that we should be doing that thing but we don’t.  Then, the pain arrives and we start yelling for the water because we can’t endure it.  UGH. I don’t know what it is for you, but imagine there is something that you should be doing but aren’t.  I know I have that in my life. My challenge to you today:  Don’t forget the water!

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  1. I understand the pain of no water. Mineral oil will help. It’s something about that process and boys that don’t go well together. A little mineral oil everyday. Hope it helps put it in his milk. It has no taste.

  2. Aaron usually eats yogurt every day – different flavors and kinds, but always the ones with live active cultures. When he doesn’t have his yogurt (he’ll go through a phase where he doesn’t eat it for a week) and then we have the yogurt conversation while he’s sitting on the toilet moaning or laying down because of gas. And we limit his milk to meal times. Other than that, it’s water the rest of the time. If he tells me his tummy hurts, the first thing I ask is “when was the last time you pooped?”

    And I’ll make sure even on vacation that he has yogurt! I know you guys are getting ready to go on one soon! (Chris told us Sunday.)

  3. My daughter use to holler for grapes while she was on the toilet! ha.
    I used to sit in my Mom’s in Touch prayer group wishing I had prayed that week, feeling like a fake–hoping the other mom’s wouldn’t recognize my silence for what it was–distance from the Lord.
    Thanks for reminding me of that time. I will never go back (not to the group, but the faking it part!).

  4. Wasn’t for sure where you were going with this one:) just sharing maybe? But thank you for the point you were making !

  5. Try flaxseeds, a handfull a day might help him move his bowels.
    GOOD LUCK ;0)
    I love flaxseeds….they help

  6. Poor Little Man…The cries break your heart.

    I recentlly found yummy new bar. It is South Beach Living Fiber Fit S’mores. 9 grams of Fiber!! There is a Mocha flavored on too. I find them on the cereal bar ailse. Not the protein place.

    Also the Special K water with another 5 grams of Fiber. Those come in different flavors.


  7. Coconut oil. The Nutiva organic pressed brand. I put two tablespoons in my protein shake every morning.

    And so true, we want the relief right away, don’t we, when we need to remember to be smart and keep our intake of “water,” (whatever that is for each of us) up to feel right and not get constipated — in all areas of our lives.

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