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It’s not too late to start writing down all that God has done for you, you know.  My husband and I have written pages upon pages about all that God has done in our lives regarding our finances.  Many moons ago we found ourselves wondering if we’d have enough to pay the utility bill.  There were times when we both needed clothes and the checking account balance just wouldn’t allow us to spend.  We have definitely seen our share of tough, financial times. A wise someone we met early on in our marriage encouraged us to start writing down the miracles that happened in our finances.  So we did.  And now, that book that we affectionately call God’s Provision Book, is filled with stories that warm our hearts and wet our eyes.  Because it is proof that God truly does open up the floodgates when you trust Him with your finances by giving back to Him what is really not yours in the first place. When he provides new tires for your car through someone anonymously?  Write it down. When a friend brings over some groceries because the Lord told her to.  Write it down. When you get that unexpected check in the mail at just the right time.  Write it down. When you find an awful lot of cash lying in the street. Write it down. We look forward to the day when we will sit down with our sons and share with them how faithful of a God we serve.  Writing down these things has certainly increased our faith.  How much more rewarding will it be to see our sons grow in their trust that God does have the whole world in His very capable hands.

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  1. That is such a great idea!! I have been write my God storied down for a while, even before i meet God. I have a cool poem about the first time i went to Life and how i did not know why because everything inside me hated church – but “i wanted no, had to be there” .it is so great to look back and see what God has done and can still do.

    also with these terrible economic times, it is good to have that remind of how faithful He is.

  2. THis is good. The Bible is full of “remember when I” stories from God. My mom always tells us the stories but it would be wonderful to have them actually written down!

  3. You are so right . I think that I make mental note but, to really write it down and reflect on and thank him for our blessings is a even better. I believe I will be getting a notebook this weekend.

  4. I actually started doing this yesterday! I used to do it a long time ago and put them in a “blessings box” then look back on them every so often. it was really neat to look back and see what God had done…even little things you tend to forget about or look over.

  5. Craig found $300.00 in the street a few days ago. The radiator in my Miata needed to be replaced. Cost to replace $200.00. He provides more than enough!

  6. Thanks for the reminder – I have been thinking about starting a “God’s Blessings” jar for our family. Adding slips of paper for answered prayers. He is good!

  7. I have been writing in journals for a number of years; admittedly, lately there hasn’t been much written, though. It’s a great idea. There’s a post on my blog called Chasing Rabbits which you might find interesting. It speaks of writing, too.

    My wife and I can relate to many of the things you wrote in this post. There were times in our early marriage when there was no food, and we had twins to feed. Food seemed to come out of the sky, but it was from people who heard the voice of God and responded. While stationed overseas, our money got a little messed up because of Uncle Sugar’s errors. We had always been faithful in tithing and giving offerings, so we had no problem calling on God for help. It came, and seemed to be coming out of the walls, floors and ceilings. That’s God, and we are blessed. Another one here.

    Please drop by and visit.

  8. I took Chris’ message from the Miracles series out to the Freedom Farm this week. The men out their loved his message about writing down blessings

  9. this would be a great habit to get into. i cant imagine how big our journal would be right now after 17 years of marriage and the many, many financial miracles the Lord has provided!

  10. my mom gave me this same advice long ago. we have seen God’s provision TIME & TIME again in our lives! before our last ministry position, we didn’t work for 6 months prior…we had MORE money in our checking account during that whole time than we ever did while we were both working! people kept blessing us…some we hadn’t heard from in a while, some we had never even met, and yet God told them to GIVE to us!!!

    when you are faithful to do what God has called you to do, he ALWAYS blesses and shows His unbelievable provision. even during our most recent and difficult transition, God has been so faithful! i love to hear about God’s faithfulness to my parents…i want my own kids to know how AWESOME He really is too!

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