Would You Mind…

…if I took a little time off from blogging? You wouldn’t? Thankyousokindly. You see, I’ve just turned in my very first official manuscript which means that I’ve been writing like a mad woman for the last three months.  I’ve also not read any books (except the Bible) since July. And this coming week I will finish up my daytime job (which means I’ll be unemployed) so that I can focus on what God has called me to do: Follow Him, be a wife, be a mom, minister, and write. (Did I mention that I have a few gift cards burning a hole in my wallet from my birthday?) (Well, I do. So, I will need to go shopping to eliminate that problem.) I don’t know how much time I’ll take off.  Maybe a week, maybe three. In the meantime, if you have just stumbled upon my blog, why don’t you check out some of my older posts.  You can find the categories over to your right.  Just click on one and you can read whatever strikes your fancy. Oh, and sometime this fall I will share with you some neat things God is doing in the life of our family and in future ministry ventures for me. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Would You Mind…”

  1. Come back! Come back!! Awwww…I’m just teasing…just want you to know you crossed my mind just now and I said a prayer for you! 🙂 (Hope you are enjoying your hiatus!!)

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