Worry Is A 4-Letter Word

No? It should be. The bad kind of 4-letter word, of course. A long time ago someone told me that my worrying is basically just my inability to trust God. And I didn’t like that one single bit. Mainly because it was true. I worried therefore I did not trust God. As a Christ follower, I shouldn’t even allow this word to pass from my lips. So, I have learned not to over the years. I use the word “concerned” instead. My pastor recently spoke about this and I almost laughed out loud during the message because I DO THIS. A LOT. Saying I’m concerned about something makes me sound a whole heckuva lot wiser. If you’ve known Christ for any amount of time, you have probably heard a message preached about worry. And the likelihood that it included Matthew 6:25-34 is incredibly high.ร‚ If you aren’t familiar with this passage, I suggest you read it. EVERYDAY. In the devotional Jesus: 90 Days With the One and Only, Beth Moore writes:
We’re never going to overcome worry by eliminating reasons to worry. Rest assured, life isn’t going to suddenly fix itself. God wills that we overcome worry even when overwhelmed by reasons to worry.
Something dawned on me the morning I was reading this particular devotional. Why don’t I just turn my worry into prayer. Stop the applause. I’m a genius. Tis true. Actually, I realize this is quite elementary. Many of you are nodding your heads in agreement because you’ve been doing it for years. Some of you, like me, have forgotten how to turn a concern into a petition to your Heavenly Daddy. And I imagine there are a few of you who’ve never thought about this before. If that’s you, let me put some hands and feet to this. When you worry if you will ever get married, stop and pray. When you worry about your child’s safety, stop and pray. When you worry about losing your job, stop and pray. When you worry if someone you love will soon die, stop and pray. If you should choose to follow my advice, it may seem like all you are doing is praying. I think that’s the point ๐Ÿ™‚ From the lips of MC Hammer…
We got to pray Just to make it today I said we pray (pray) ah, yeah, pray (pray) We got to pray Just to make it to pray That’s word, we pray
I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Feel free to go back through the lyrics and sing it. Oh, and make sure you say, “Aw yeah”. That really does it for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to pray for you. Would you share your biggest worry/concern with me? If you want to do it anonymously, that’d be perfectly fine.

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  1. I suppose I worry that somehow I’ll miss it. Meaning, somehow, someway I’ll miss what it is God wants me to do… marry the right person, pick the right ministry, live the life He intended… It’s not a big worry, or one that keeps me from living… its just one I think about often… “what if I’m not… ??” Ya know?

  2. Oh No! You just DID NOT BREAK OUT รขโ‚ฌยฆ.THE HAMMA! ( OH!..oh oh..OHรขโ‚ฌยฆoh! Yeah!) What do I worry aboutรขโ‚ฌยฆ

    Not Being Everything That I Need to be .

  3. As the wife of a pilot, I worry I might lose my husband to the dangers of his profession. As a mom, I always worry that someone will hurt my children. The day Pastor Craig spoke on worry, I related for sure. Nevertheless, I still continue carrying my big “me” box around with those worries. Thanks for the reminder to put in God’s box. Geez. Why is that so dang hard?

  4. I worry that my adult children (22 & 25 yrs old) will make choices that move them away from a vibrant, personal, intimate walk with Jesus. They both are born again believers but still make choices that could potentially cause harmful life long consequences. When I’m not in prayer and not giving it over to God, the worry can grip me so tight. But, when I’m choosing to give God the worry, I live in peaceful submission to Him. The difference is extraordinary!

  5. Okay, I have said many times that I hate “fake” people. So here it goes, I really am worried about my marriage. I am tired of fighting, bickering and feeling like I am doing all the work. Satan is having a field day and he needs to leave.

  6. I think my family has the gift of worry/concern…it drives my husband nuts! ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve had to set boundaries with my parents so they don’t call us with every little “concern” about this or that…

    With myself…I know I need to pray, but it hard to know WHAT to say when your stomach is tied up in knots about something. Words don’t always come easily to my prayer times…

  7. If I don’t have anything to worry about sometimes I worry about that! (know what I mean?)

    This is a good reminder for us to be obedient and lay all our requests (aka worry/concern) before Him. Good way to start a MOnday!

  8. My big worry involves other people. Worrying what others think of me. God’s really been showing me a lot through this Hostage series. Other people are my main worry and my main addiction. But as He’s showing me this, I’m reading Grace Rules, which is awesome! God’s timing is perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Cindy!

  9. I have worry spikes. Like when I’m going to be separeted from my kids my worry-o-meter spikes and then settles once I run to Jesus…again. It can be more steady over finances though. More often than not, I’m a spiker. Never worked in volleyball though, not tall enough.

    It’s hamma, go hamma, MC hamma, yo hamma, and the rest can go and play…
    can’t touch this…beeer,neer,neer,neer

    Thanks girl

  10. I am going to have to put on my vintage parachute pants with the gold stripes and the crotch that hangs to my knees, God will appreciate the humor.
    I think we all need give to Him more

  11. Thank you for writing this today! I am such a worrier, and it embarrasses me. Someone once told me that “worry means you lack faith in God”. That REALLY embarrassed me. So now when I find myself starting to worry, I remember that, so I will lay all my problems down at God’s feet. I love that scripture you referred to. I have that Matthew passage highlighted and marked with a bookmark in my Bible. I struggle with this everyday, thanks for the reminder to just stop and PRAY.

  12. I worry that I will never meet a man that can lead me and my children. I worry that marriage is not part of Gods plan for me. I desire it,but doubt it will be there. I worry that my boys will never know an earthly father.

  13. Worry is stealing my joy! I can so relate to Kim… If things are good, I’m just anticipating what may be coming.

    We are still wanting/trying to have a baby. If we need to go to a specialist, we need financial provision for that. We have been working sooo hard to pay off debt, I don’t want to have to go into debt for that.

    Thanks for this post! A great start for the week!

  14. Thanks for that! You and I must be cut of the same cloth! I am a huge worrier. My favorite verse is Phil 4:6 for that very reason!

  15. I’m not a huge worrier, but along the same lines I am guilty of always trying to figure things out on my own instead of letting Him plan for me. But with MC Hammer hangin’ in my brain for the rest of the day, I am going to try to pray more about that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks…I think.

  16. cindy you are so funny.. Broke out the mc hammer.. Thats great! But this is good, i worry about everything and have been trying to practice your advice! Kinda works.. Making my God box a lil bigger and making mine smaller… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. thanks for talking about this…it is something i struggle with on a daily basis. sometimes several times a day. i hate it. a very close friend of mine is making some really bad decisions based on (you guessed it..) a man. all the sudden she doesn’t see a problem with pre-marital sex. yikes. anyway, i can’t talk to her about it and i worry about her all the time and when i worry, i pray that God will be in control and keep her safe. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sorry, I just remembered this quote. It used to be on my bathroom mirror and I took it down two months ago. I believe I got it from a Max Lucado book. Anyway here it is “Worry comes from the greek word that means “to divide the mind”. Anxiety splits us right down the middle, creating a double-minded thinker. Rather than take away tomorrows troubles, worry voids todays strength”.

  19. i am praying right now about the recording that i’m making. trying very hard not to worry–need divine healing of voice/sinuses. know it’s a spiritual battle as well as a physical one.

    thank you for confirming in my heart the ability to trust God and pray!

    i love you cindy ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. You can’t imagine the knot i’ve had in my stomach for the past few months. I’ve never been a worrier. But, somehow I’ve lost sight of who I am in relation to my King. And I’ve become worried.

    Finally, in the last week God has gotten my attention. I’m relearning to strangle worry before it takes root and plant faith instead. It’s growing again. Thank goodness! I don’t think my poor stomach could’ve taken much more.

  21. Rick Warren wrote that worry is the opposite of meditation. That hit me square between the eyes when I first became a Christian. I was probably the worst worrier alive. I haven’t mastered it, but I catch it as soon as it starts and promptly hand it over in trust. I think it will always be an issue but not one that I’ll need to obsess over.

  22. Oh so good! Until the ending…lol. MC Hammer, really? Just kidding!! I am slightly a worrier, more than i want to admit. I get it from my dad and it’s one trait i try to be concious of so i don’t get worse as i get older. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve never lookd at this verse this way, or thought about the point that worrying means not trusting. Makes total sense, and in a way makes me feel like a schmuck. God is probably saying “ding ding ding! finally she gets it!” I know He’s got a plan for my life so i need to learn to enjoy what’s good and look forward to what lies ahead. Your blog is such an encouragement for me, thank you.

    And you write so well about American Idol! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Worry? No way! We’re NOT supposed to do that….so….I just think-about-it-a-LOT! haha Sounds much more spiritual, don’t you think?

    Good stuff, sista!

  24. I often worry that my daughters won’t love me when I tell them someday about the BIG mistakes I’ve made in my life.

    I know that is silly, but it makes me want to teach them about love and kindness, and how not to let bitterness root in their hearts.

  25. I worry about finances a lot. Craig’s message really hit me I never thought of worry that way. Thanks for your reminder today!

  26. That makes so much sense. It’s funny because I will sometimes find myself taking a worry and immediately turning it into a prayer. The sad thing is that is probably only about 10% of my worry. I can’t believe that I was doing it but with only a very small amount of my worries, how did I miss that!? Thanks Cindy.

    One of my big worries is the safety of my wife and daughter.

  27. I worry about SO many things–mostly due to lies Satan has tricked me into listening to/believing. ๐Ÿ™

    I have lots of personal worries (finances, what I should do with my life, relationships, the future, etc.), but my biggest worry is that my parents and other loved ones will never give their lives over to Christ.

  28. Sorry, just catching up on my blogs. My biggest worry is my baby. I had a miscarriage right before I got pregnant with this baby. All throughout my pregnancy I have struggled with worrying about how he is doing, if I’m going to be a good mother, just playing the “what if” game in general. My husband has helped me stop this A LOT. He’s so much stronger than I am in this area! I’ve gotten a lot better but I have a ways to go. He’s due July 28th and his name will be Grady James. ๐Ÿ™‚ And judging from the ultrasound he will be SUPER CUTE! If you could pray for him I would SO appreciate it.

  29. I worry about finances mostly. I was out of work recently for almost four months and it was really a rough patch for me (I was on a career path change, that God wanted me to do….long but great story!). I got behind on a lot of things and if it wasn’t for my church and some anonymous gifts I don’t know what I would have done! Now that I am working again, its so hard trying to catch up. Losing my home is my biggest worry of that, too far behind to catch up. The bank is working with me, but I worry that they will get tired of it and foreclose. I am praying daily that God will help me save it for me and my son. I wrote about some of the things I am dealing with in my blog if you want to check it out.

    OK…I also worry about getting married too! There I admitted it!

    Thanks for praying! I love you blog!

    Thanks for praying!

  30. Sorry I saw that I wrote “thanks for praying” twice……guess I’m extra thankful! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also put in the wrong web address for my blog, so I corrected it.

  31. Oh, how I worry! I have been a worrier for as long as I can remember, and while I think I’ve gotten better at putting my trust in Him, I still struggle at times. What do I worry about? Mostly stupid daily things – and yes, I know how stupid it is to worry about them! There are nights when I just repeat, “Lord, I’m givin’ it up to you…” in bed to alleviate the worry.

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