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Well? I asked you to be aware of how much or how little you worried yesterday. How’d you do? Did you worry? More than you thought? Less than you thought? Time to chime in you silent but LOVERLY readers 🙂

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  1. Same with me, Heidi. I worry about my familiy and others. But, I’m learning to turn it into prayer instead. The worry only makes me miserable and ultimately those around me miserable too!

    Good one, Cindy. I’m ready for more of your thoughts.

  2. Very interesting! I found that I’m ok except when it comes to my kids. I worry about the influences around them. I worry about the impact of how other’s treat them or ignore them. I want so much for them and want them to live life fully. I get worried that certain people will hinder or even mess them up. I want to stay off the “Oprah” show and have my kids know how much Jesus loves them. I have learned to trust God with my kiddos until a new situation presents itself and then I feel pressure to protect them or work it out. Being a mom…kinda tough!

  3. I found that I worry less then I thought I did. I also found that the worries that I took on were about other people. My kids but I turned them over to God, No more worries for me there. He knows what he is doing with them. My father in law and his physical therapy, which as soon as I started worrying about I prayed and let it go. I also worried about some struggles that Craig is having at his job. When I voiced those to him he said that whastever happened was fine and in God’s plan so I let those go….

    Then I almost had to worry about not having anything to worry about. Thanks for bringing this to my attention because God really is the Worry Eraser!

  4. I’ve always heard that worry means you aren’t trusting God. So I look at those nagging thoughts as red flags that I need to be looking to the BIG GUY for direction. I try not to doubt that it’s in His hands…but I love Jesus and thank goodness He’s patient with me.

  5. um…there is not enought room on your blog today to tell you how much i worried yesterday. i worried about lunch dinner , if this was right or wrong ect, – i worried about my kids- oh but i dont have any yet so iworried about that – so… i try to pray when i caught myself worring about things… but God and i are working on this – coming from being so anxietious before i was save, this has been a hard part of my walk – let His peace rule my life instead of worry and choas. thanks for this post !!

  6. I really didn’t worry much yesterday….was at work and then my step study meeting that night, didn’t really have much time to worry. 🙂 But I did give thoughts to the impending child custody battle I could be facing. I’m trying hard to let God handle it!

  7. Yesterday I didn’t worry as much as I thought I would. Now last was a whole different story. When I worry I know I have to give it to God so then I inturn start to pray. Yesterday I worried for my friend who is going through the beginning of a divorce they have three young children and its been tough on everyone. So I have been praying a lot for them.

  8. I worried about my kids – or rather how to deal with certain issues with them:

    1. my son’s lack of interest in reading, although he has exceptional skill at it

    2. how to deal with my 5 yr. old’s propensity to lie

    3. how pitiful I am at dealing with these things in a productive way…how I forget to take it in prayer all the time.

  9. I worried less than I thought I would. I TRY to do everything that I can then trust God to do the rest. Keep busy and pray.

  10. I’m going to be wearing reading glasses. I’m afraid I’ll look like I’m in my mid 30s (but that’s the superficial one…the serious ones go straight to Cindy’s email :))

  11. Yup I sure did! I’m in a very “unsure” season in my life. Today is my last day at my job and Brook and I are having to rely on God in the between time and really seeking what will be next for me. It’s cool how the worry turns into a calm peace when I give it all to HIM!!

  12. No worries, mate! A couple yesterday, but I gave Him control and none today (although the day ain’t over yet). 🙂

  13. yesterday, after pondering how much I did worry (way too much)I realize I need to have more faith in the Lord. I let God have control today. What a wonderful day! Worrying doesn’t do any good- just stresses me out more. Here’s to no worries!

  14. I’m a worry worm-give it to God,take it back,give it to him,take it back…all day long.Exausting.

  15. A ton! I worried about keeping track of my worries. And then I worried that I would forget to notice and what if I worried about too many things or not enough things or the wrong kind of things and I worried about not worrying about it all. And then I went to bed. 🙂

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