Workin’ The Land


As you know, my internet peeps, Chris, the boys and I just moved into our new home. We’ve been here four weeks and one day. And we’re still fascinated with it. Now, it is a bigger house than we are used to and we do have a bigger yard, which I prefer to call the land. Chris and I have spent many hours outside workin’ the land. And what I mean by workin’ the land is workin’ on clearing out the woods on our 1.1 acre lot on a cul-de-sac out in our neighborhood. Some of you country folk may think that we are still in suburbia. Rest assured, WE ARE NOT. We are country people now. We got ourselves a zero-turn mower, which we affectionately call the tractor, and it has a trailer that will haul a lot of brush and even take the boys on a hayride. AND yours truly can actually drive that sucker. And I can use a drill. And a chop saw. And a band saw. And a drill press. But not a table saw. SCARE-REE. Back to the land…. So, we’re workin’ the land this past Saturday but only for TWO LONG HOURS because we had to get inside to see us some TEXAS LONGHORNS basketball. Hook ’em. (Priorities, people. It’s almost March Madness, for cryin’ out loud.) And it dawned on me that people who worked their own land long ago and even still to this day, those people are usually very skinny people. Think about it for a minute. They are, aren’t they? They didn’t need ellipticals or treadmills or bowflex machines. Nosireebob. They just hauled and squatted and lifted and walked and herded. So, I’m thinkin’ this workin’ the land stuff is my kind of cardio. I’m a gal who doesn’t mind gettin’ dirty because hey, THERE’S A JACUZZI TUB in my new master bath to take all that dirt off. Wha??? Don’t all farmers have these? I’m just sayin’. Bless you and thank you for reading. Amen.

14 thoughts on “Workin’ The Land”

  1. Heck, I feel like I get skinnier just mowing the lawn! 🙂 And HOORAY for girls and power tools. That’s hot. 🙂

  2. I used to spend summers working on the farm and what is even more weird is how much those skinny people could eat. They would suck down 3 gallons of cream gravy on biscuits and still have zero body fat.

  3. All I’m sayin’ is it is country enough for me. If i can get to mall or starbucks in less than 20 minutes but still have a “forest” in my backyard on the front 1 acre, I’m definitly on a farm, ranch, whatever.

  4. nice! sounds like a great blend – a private “natural” work-out facility with easy access to your favorite en-too-siasms (hoops and jacuzzis)…:)

  5. A table saw?! Really!? I’m impressed. As a single mom, I’ve purchased various tools over the years. I was so proud to tell people that I own a drill. Now, not so much. I’m afraid of table saws … and BBQ’s (only because I once blew myself up just a tad). Hats off to you! 🙂

  6. Is that your WHOLE family in the front yard in the picture? Chris looks like he grew a beard….very woodsy. And I loooove your thatch roof.

    People were skinnier, yes. But they also stunk, I’m thinking… I’d rather have a little meat on my bones and hit the jacuzzi with some perfumey bubble bath after I plant my tulips.

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