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Will I Be Punished Forever If I Get Divorced?

I’ve heard this question quite a lot over the last several years. It has been posed to me a number of times by many people who are in hurting marriages. They’ve tried just about everything they can think of to make it work. Sometimes infidelity and betrayal is involved, sometimes it is not. I base my belief on the Word of God. I study it daily and seek to better myself as a Christ follower by following the ways of my Lord. Not because there are a set of rules to follow but because He’s saved me from the pit of despair and eternal damnation and given me an abundant life…why would I not want to serve and follow Him with my whole life? I know what I believe about divorce, but I am also aware that I don’t have all of the answers. I am always willing to gain new insight from other Christ Followers. I still have questions. Isaiah 55:8-9 says I always will. So, what would you say if someone asked you that question?

2 thoughts on “Will I Be Punished Forever If I Get Divorced?”

  1. My two cents:

    Our eternal situation is based in Christ, not our actions. …though, the Bible is clear that our actions do indication our situation with Christ.

    Scripture states that God has grace for us–even in our hard hearts–but also that He does not like divorce. And divorce, we know, doesn’t make all the problems go away… so it’s likely that you will be affected by divorce your whole life. But God’s not looking to “punish” you… He wants what is best for you. So keep in mind: Divine retribution is something different than natural consequences played out here on earth.

    There’s a ton more to discuss with this–and I’d much rather talk with a person to get to what their question really is [can I get divorced? should I get a divorce? does God love me despite my divorce? can God redeem my life after divorce? etc]–but to answer the question at face value: No, divorce–by itself–is not tied to eternal punishment. Neither is murder, adultery, lying, greed and a myriad of other sins we should not commit …thanks to the redeeming grace of God through Christ!


  2. Luke said a great deal – and explained better than I could.

    God hates divorce – but not the person looking to get divorced, or looking for answers about divorce. I’d also want to know more of the persons situation.

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