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Why would God allow this?

Have you ever asked that question? Or maybe one akin to it such as, “Why didn’t God stop _______ from happening?”

I can’t remember a time in my life where Jesus wasn’t a part of it. I’ve attended church from the moment I was brought into the world. I am incredibly grateful that this is my heritage.

Jesus has been my Savior since I was eight years old, but there were many periods in my life when He was not my Lord. Yet, even in my sinful seasons of life, He was always at the forefront of my mind. When I was in sin, I knew I was in sin. No amount of justification could have eliminated the tremendous conviction I felt for my wayward actions.

But the farther along I am in my journey with Jesus, the less I ask “why” questions of Him. The less I doubt. Not merely just because I’ve been walking longer but also because I’ve chosen to walk deeper.

  • I push through pain to get to the other side of healing instead of circumnavigating it.
  • I petition Him to burn off the rough edges of life instead of living with a “that’s just the way I am” mindset.
  • I beg Him to search my heart and reveal the sin I’m dancing around with.
  • I surrender my own desires and ask Him to replace them with His.

These are simple tasks but not effortless and certainly not enjoyable.

I have learned and continue to learn more about God, His character, His attributes, His ways, and His heart. I know He is good, that He is loving, that He is for me, that He has amazing plans for me to participate in. Learning more about Him seems to be answer enough for the “why” questions that arise in my heart. Even if the question approaches my lips, it’s rare that it ever departs them. Because to expect that I can imperfectly, finitely understand a perfect, infinite God is a bit ridiculous. I’ve grown to not only love my Jesus but trust Him immensely. More than chariots and horses, more than people, more than money, more than comfort, more than things. 

I don’t think God is upset with us when we ask him why things happen. God is not some formidable figure in the sky whom we can’t approach. He is our Heavenly Father, and He wants us to come to Him. But, let’s consider changing the sentence of our internal dialogue with Him and instead ask…

How are you going to use this, God?

Today’s Reading
Ps. 20:7
Prov. 3:5-6
Is. 55:8-9


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