Who Is He?


Recently, I was watching our pastor speak on the internet. Seth wanted to watch and here is how the conversation went between us: Seth: What are you watching? Me: Pastor Craig preaching. Seth: (Looking at Craig and pointing) Who is that? Me: That’s Pastor Craig. He’s Daddy’s boss. Seth: Is he on American Idol? Me: No. He preaches at Life Church. Seth: He goes to our church? And there you go.

17 thoughts on “Who Is He?”

  1. I can’t decide what’s funnier – Seth thinking Pastor Craid is an AI contestant or asking if he goes to your church. Great story 🙂

  2. Just goes to show no matter how great you are, there will always be someone who couldn’t care less. =) That’s funny.

  3. Too funny. Maybe it’s because y’all usually go to Edmond and Craig can only be spotted “live” at OKC. Hmm.

  4. there really shouldn’t be that much cuteness and beauty in one family. it’s just unfair.

    unfair i tell you!

  5. That is total kid! Leave it to them to remind us all that everyone, no matter who they are, put their pants on one leg at a time in the mornings.

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