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Who Are You Listenin’ To?

Whether your vision is met with cheers or jeers, outside opinion cannot be your sustenance. Man cannot live by bread alone, and he certainly can’t survive on a stead diet of attaboys. He who lives by the approval of others will die by the absence of the same. – Steven Furtick, Sun Stand Still, p. 91
Yikes. Are you a people pleaser? Approval addict? Do you care what others think to the point that it affects your daily thoughts? To where you are willing to change the way you do life to make sure no one is mad at you? People won’t always get you. They will not always approve of your choices. Especially if you are a Christ Follower.┬áRemember to keep your focus on what God has called you to do. Do you find yourself living your life for the approval of others?

1 thought on “Who Are You Listenin’ To?”

  1. Yikes, yep i struggle with that. Although recently I’ve realized just how much I’ve been letting the approval of others (or lack thereof) affect me and so I am working on changing that. It can be bondage to live to please people or to care too much what others think about my life or choices I make. Only living for the approval of Christ can truly free us from that.

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