Who Are You?

I found something really cool in my Woman’s Day magazine recently.  There was an advertisement for a bottle of wine that was very clever.  I decided to change it up a bit and make it about me.
I don’t have a lot of money but my life is rich.  I wear cheap Old Navy flip flops so I can drive a nice car.  I can talk like Donald Duck, say every line to The Sound of Music and drive with my knee.  I spend tons of time on my back porch with my hubby and I always kiss my boys faces when they are asleep at night.  I never hesitate to tell anyone my age.  I stand in awe of people who’ve been married for 50 years, make sure I encourage people when it crosses my mind, remember that there are two sides to every story and do my best to represent Jesus Christ, for He is my Lord and Savior.
Your turn.

3 thoughts on “Who Are You?”

  1. I had written this awhile ago to put on my blog, as a way of helping people understand the journey I’ve been through in the past few years…it’s a bit long…sorry!

    I’m a recovering business – administrator.

    Previously driven by all things productive, motivational and rewardable.

    Currently driven by all things true, honest and pure.

    Previously devoted to things to fill the void.

    Currently devoted to nothing that serves myself.

    Previously devoted to acceptance and admiration of others.

    Currently devoted to redeeming things others have passed by,

    passed on, passed over or dismissed.

    Life is too short to be plagued with worry, with fear and with

    any sniff of doubt.

    Life was made to be whole, complete and find it’s purpose in redemption.

    I’m a Wife. I’m a Mom. I’ve lived to be older than my Mother.

    I understand the fragility of life.

    I understand the permanence of kind words, actions and love for those placed in our lives.

    I live very far from perfection, but I am being perfected.

    I live far very far from having it all, but I am supplied for.

    I fight against wanting more and am learning to live with less.

    I fight against judgement and am learning to live in awe of the gifts within others.

    I fight for others on the things that matter. I fight against things unseen.

    I am a warrior.

    I am wholly REPURPOSED.

  2. I am a Mighty Woman of God!!! I love people, I like to meet new people. I like knowing as many people as I can, not always by name! I love my Lord and savior! I just can”t explain, how it makes me feel to know that I’m Loved unconditionally and that he is everything to me!! I want to help and save everybody! I feel that there is good in everybody. I want everybody to be saved and filled with the holy spirit! I love to just look at everyting that God has created from ants to beautiful clouds, and know that God created everything for us to enjoy. I love my mother, 82 years old and still lives by herself and everything. I love spending time with my grandchildren and all children. I love Family!!! I am at home in my small town. I thank God for the changes that he’s made and is still making here. I am sold-out for God. I am glad that I checked out CindyB’s site. I thank you for the help my sister.

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