Which Comes First?

Psalm 56:3 says, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” Psalm  56:11 says, “…in God I trust; I will not be afraid So. Which one do you find yourself leaning toward?  Are you one who experiences fear and then chooses to trust?  Or do you trust God before fear even rises it’s ugly head. Do share.  C’mon now.   

24 thoughts on “Which Comes First?”

  1. I do both, and I’m so glad that God has covered all the bases! No matter which way I go, He’s there to remind me that He’s in control.

  2. mostly the first. with a few other things in between.

    “when i am afraid, i will try to figure things out on my own, and lean on my friends for support, and ask people to pray for me, oh—-and i will trust in You.”

    that’s my translation. ya know, if i’m honest.

  3. I get a wave of fear but I’ve learned to quickly surrender it to my trust in the Lord. Sometimes that small wave of fear reminds me to trust him. I’m a slow learner that way! But I don’t “fear” in the sense that I act on my feelings and start REALLY freaking out.

    Good question. I think there is a season and a purpose for both. One is “don’t create your own misery” and the other is “don’t fall apart and run when something happens.”

  4. What is the difference between being afraid or being fearful?
    Why is it such a taboo subject? I have to say this is my top three weakness in my life.

    I hate it!!! ((my weakness))

    Well, I need to go for a walk now Cindy… to chew on it!!!

  5. I say “just do it” afraid or not. At least we are taking steps no matter how we feel. Our faith in action is putting one foot in front of the other…Great Post!

  6. My flesh is FEARFUL. I was so anxious and nervous and afraid of everything. God is working this out in me – so needless to say I am the first verse. But i guess the closer you grow to Jesus, the more you learn to trust and become less and less afriaid.
    Thanks for the post!!!!

  7. Fear comes first, but then I remind myself, someone reminds me or God, Himself, gets my attention to trust Him. I hope one day, I grow in Him to always walk in great faith.

  8. I am usually afraid or have fear first but then I have faith and pray. I like Kim’s term of a Wave that’s what it feels like. Lately I’ve been faced with events & loss that was unexpected & I start to have the Why questions and I know He has a plan. Recently ILvbe heard a lot about the book ‘The Shack’ it is Awesome it definatly has made me understand alot more & give me some peace. I t couldn’t 8ome at a better time.

  9. Yeah…still fear first… (it just jumps on me!), but learning more and more to fully trust. Keeping on fearing doesn’t really help me out much, I’ve learned.

    Love you! 🙂

  10. In my heart I trust God. However, the reality of life and all its scary stuff still protrudes into my heart. It is then that I say, along with David, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in You.”

    The verse is so comforting – when even a brave king can experience fear, but declare to trust God in the midst of knee-buckling tremors that he still trusts God, then I can do the same thing.

  11. I learned not to trust at a very early age. I was taught that trusting is foolish and weak, and leads to use and pain. Fear is much easier for me to deal with than trust. Fear is a payment I also learned early on how to deal with. Fear is much easier for me to live with than trust. Fear is easy, it’s trust that scares me to death. (grin)

  12. which one comes first?

    56:3 duh. 😆 Chronological works for me. 😉

    Personally though, 56:3 it is as well. I have such a nervous/anxious nature that being afraid is all too easy for me, and is a reminder for me to trust.

  13. I am such a sinner. I always accept the fear first, then go to God (seemingly as the last resort). Its a ridiculous cycle and many times I have been hurt by my own actions. I wish I could say that I trust God first, like a reflex or automatic response. Satan has me a “fear this” and his lies become my truth.
    I am working on it though, I have a great Counselor.

  14. Most of the time, the second. I spent so many years wasting my time being fearful. But sometimes, old habits die hard and I forget who I am in Christ and revert to the first scripture. Either way He’s got us covered! I heard a speaker at a church say these words that I keep repeating to myself, “I am what I AM says I am.” What a mouthful, huh?

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