Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow

I heard a phrase years ago that I’ve lived by ever since:
Where God guides, He provides.
He guided us to a church in San Antonio, Texas, where we’d hear the calling of God for our future.  It wasn’t easy, but He provided in every area. He guided us from our home state of Texas in 1997 to a land of blues and bar-be-que where we could be a part of a wonderful move of God in a small church.  We missed our families and friends, but He provided more than we ever imagined. He guided us to the Sooner state in 2002 to be a part of, only to find our world would fall apart six weeks into the job.  Yet, He provided mercy and grace as we grieved and eventually began to heal from the fallout. Tell me, do you believe this statement?

14 thoughts on “Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow”

  1. Awwww…. so needed to hear that in this season of my life! I can’t quite put my finger on all my uneasiness.

    Thank you so much! May I believe in deeply beyond anything else. Thank you for being real and your leadership. 🙂

  2. God is so good! It’s amazing how He uses you to guide and inspire all of us in our own walks with Him and seasons of life! I love, love, LOVE that statement! Had to print it off and post in my cube at work for a minute-by-minute reminder!! You ROCK (as always)!!

  3. We live this every day of our lives! It’s amazing to see where God will bless you and “provide” for you when you go where he leads and do what he says. Amen sister!

  4. I believe, Totally Believe! I am in the same situation now, just waiting on final instructions from the Master. Currently my job is relocating to Austin Texas. I know nothing of the state, have no family, no friends nor do I know where to begin to find a church home. But if he leads me and my family there…we will follow, because I trust that God will provide the WHO, WHEN, WHERE and the HOW. I want to be in HIS perfect Will.

  5. I do!! This season especially i have seen time and again where God has provided in amazing ways, but I think for me…a big part of it is making sure that I’m seeing even the little ways that God provides and being thankful for those!

  6. Tamica,

    Welcome to Texas! Austin is a favorite city of mine, although the traffic is always heavy.

    I so totally believe that statement. I had been on a path through a dark and uncertain valley since 2007. I am no longer in the valley, but I grew closer to God every step of the way. There were those who knew about my family circumstances and would say “Where do you get the strength?” and I had only one answer, GOD. I know with certainty that I can go through any situation with God leading the way.


  7. Yes I believe that statement and have seen him provide for us in ways I could not have imagined that he would have. In this season of our lives however, I pray that he will provide direction for us. He guided us here, and sometimes I have no idea why- our needs are met, but sometimes we feel clueless on future direction…

    just sayin’ 🙂

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