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When your spirit is starving, check your diet.

For the last couple of months, I have been spiritually dry. I’ve still spent time reading God’s Word and praying. I’ve still spent time in worship. I’ve still spent time helping others on their journey.

Because the truth is, I know what to say and what to do even if I’m spiritually parched and worn thin.

But, I don’t want to be spiritually parched and worn thin. That place where you feel like nothing from the Bible is penetrating your soul and you just open up the Bible App to keep the streak from ending. I want to be thriving and growing and learning and filled with peace in the midst of whatever storm or issue I face.

I began to backtrack and see when exactly I started to feel this way. Within minutes, I knew what it was that led to my spirit being impoverished during this season.

It was my diet.

Not the physical food that I ingested every day but the spiritual food. The things I listened to, the things I watched. There have even been some extenuating circumstances that I’ve walked through recently that have affected me. I’ve been angry and frustrated and discouraged. And instead of filling myself back up with the things that actually fill me back up, I have chosen otherwise.

Not anymore. In the car, I’m listening to books that build me up or podcasts that transplant courage to my spirit. At the gym, I’m getting my worship on while I pump iron and sweat like a crazy woman on the stairmaster.

Do you ever get to this point? My guess is you have and probably will again. It really is so simple. We must be feeding on the right things spiritually if we want our spirits to soar.

When your spirit is starving, check your diet.

Today’s Reading
Matt. 6:33
Romans 12:1-2
1 Cor. 3:16


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