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When you mess up on your goals, simply begin again.

*Most of the content from this is from a post I recently wrote for Life.Church.

We all have habits. Some propel us toward positive outcomes, and others do the exact opposite. The bad habits get our focus because, well, they’re bad habits and we need to eradicate them from our lives. So, we make the effort to not only stop the bad habit but also to construct a new habit simultaneously. Yet when we mess up on a good, new habit we’re trying to establish, so often we give up and say, “I’ll never change.” And with that lie running through our heads, we never will.

What is it for you? Maybe you snap at your kids too much or you ignore the alarm and don’t make it to the gym. Perhaps you set a goal to read your Bible every day, but after you miss a few days you figure missing a few more isn’t a big deal. Before you know it, these new habits aren’t habits at all, and you’re no longer making an effort.

Lamentations 3:22-23 tells us that God’s compassions never fail and that they’re new every morning. Here’s a thought: What if when we mess up on a goal —instead of throwing in the towel—we choose to begin again? We could literally say, “Okay, messed that up. Starting over now.” Even if we have to say this to ourselves every day, let’s do it.

When you mess up on your goals, simply begin again.

So you ate something you probably shouldn’t have. Begin again at the very next meal with your goal. Perhaps you missed a workout—or five. Begin again the next day by getting to the gym. You got behind on that Bible Plan in the Bible App. Begin again the next day and catch up. There are plenty of scenarios we could list that show us to be people who can’t stay on track. But failing is not failure. Just because you’ve failed before doesn’t mean you’ll fail forever. Begin again.

Look around you. There are people everywhere who are living content, healthy lives that are full of good habits. How do they do it? Are they perfect? No. They begin again when they mess up. They’ve resolved to live out Galatians 6:9 which says, “Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” 

We will struggle. We will fail. But we can’t give up or we won’t succeed.

When you mess up on your goals, simply begin again.

2 thoughts on “When you mess up on your goals, simply begin again.”

  1. Such good advise that is so simple that we miss it. God knows we are going to mess up, yet has unfailing compassion for us. This is an encouragement to share. Thanks for the reminder.

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