When I Met Chris Beall


He wooed me. Those piercing eyes punctured my heart. His dreaminess captured my attention. He had more charm than all the guys I’d ever dated put together. And he knew just how to use it. I was never the same again. Until I saw his teeth. Did I say that out loud? I am ashamed to admit this itty bitty part of my romance to my main squeeze. But, the boy’s teeth were as crooked as the day is long. However, I finally surrendered my heart to this crooked-teethed man after he brought over some mint chocolate chip ice cream. I said “I do” some ten months after we began dating. About two years later, Chris and I were leading worship at our church in San Antonio. With Chris being in front of people so much, we thought it would be a good investment to get him some braces. Thought, that is, until we learned that the investment would be over $4,000. Hello. We quickly dismissed the idea and began to pray about it. Several weeks later on a Sunday a man approached Chris after our service had ended. Here is how the conversation went: Man: Hey, I really enjoy your worship. You have such a gift. Chris: Ah, thanks. I really appreciate that. Man: I, uh, couldn’t help but notice that you have very crooked teeth. Chris: (Eyebrows furrowed and head tilted to the side.) Man: Well, God told me recently that I am supposed to give you braces. I’m an orthodontist. Can somebody PUH-leeze give a clap offering to the Lord right now? What a God we serve. Any miracle stories similar to this out there?

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  1. I am the same way about teeth. Don’t know why. Anyhoo, Terry had braces and then didn’t wear his retainer so,still crooked on the bottom. I still love him immensely.

    Besides, he overlooks my ghetto booty. I figure we’re square.

  2. I had to smile because when I met my now-husband, he also had bad teeth. His were not only crooked, but due to his parents not having money to take him to the dentist when he was a kid and bad “tooth genes” (everyone in his family just has messed up teeth), his teeth were a royal mess of huge proportions. When I first met him I was attracted to his personality until I saw his teeth…whoa…! However, we became good friends by doing ministry together in church. My resolve wore down as I got to know him more and we were married about a year after we initially met in church.

    I guess you could say that my parents were our miracle people. We had been searching for a good dentist that he felt comfortable with. Most looked in his mouth and were shocked by the site and said they were too busy to take on the work. The ones that we liked were offering full repair to the tune of about a year’s worth of salary for us as newlyweds. Finally, my parents came to us a couple years after we were married and offered to pay for the entire sum of repair cost no strings attached.

    It’s amazing how God provides when we least expect it!

  3. Very sweet. Many years ago we felt like God was telling us to get out of debt and start giving Him WAY more than we were. We had no idea in the world how that would work but we trusted Him. During the time we were paying it off, every time we needed anything or wondered how we would pay for something, something unusual would happen to take care of it. God was very creative. It was fun.

  4. I needed a new car, had saved cash and was determined to buy within my means (no payments). I found a car listed online at a big dealers website, but it seemed too good to be true. Upon investigation, my suspicions were correct. They had accidentally listed their cost instead of the sale price. (at the time it was a brand new car) Disapointed, I moved on with my search.

    A few weeks later, they contacted ME and said that they decided to honor the listed price online! In the end I bought a brand new car within my cash only budget! Let’s just say that after that my faith tank was full!

  5. I’ve been having a bit of a dry patch recently, well, a lot of one actually.

    Recently at home group I shared this with a few girls and they prayed. One girl prayed that God would show Himself to me clearly. That week I popped into a thrift shop and there, out of the corner of my eye was a teapot sat all by itself. Not just any teapot, but the missing piece from the antique tea set I inherited from my Grandma. Priced at $6, it was a real sign to me that someone was looking my way.

    I’m hanging on by my fingernails at the moment….but someone is looking my way.

  6. Any plastic surgeons out there?? My eyelids are starting to hang over my lashes. Yeah, that’s real cute.

    I think that’s great that this orthodontist stepped up the way he did. I wonder though, had it been me he approached, how I would have taken that. I’ve had people point out my defects before and wondered, “hey, I look in the mirror every day, don’t you think I’ve already noticed that?”

    My greatest story about a need getting met is the financial ruin I found myself in after a really bad relationship. For a couple of years, I had too many occassions when I wondered how I was going to feed the kids. When I started to tithe – everything changed. There was always enough for everything I needed, by the Grace of God, and sometimes even more.

  7. Almost a year ago we had to down size from Two cars to One.. ouch! I didn’t think I could do it how would we do it? thankfully my husband works about a mile from where I work so we ride together to work everyday. on the days that we need two cars his boss asks him to take the work truck before we even have a chance to ask, we have two boys and one in sports I never amagined we would make it this far on one car, we have and can! He has shown us that he will provide!

  8. My husband & I rented a duplex for the first 12 years of our marriage. We were commited to sending our kids to a Christian School, so we were content to rent. God led my husband to a second job delivering the daily newspaper. He took the plunge and woke up every day at 3:30am, delivered his papers and was back in bed by 5:00am. Then he woke up at 7:30am to go to his “real job”. Over a period of 2 years we saved enough money to buy our house all the while learning to budget and sacrifice. In many ways, the paper route was a hassle but we as a family have very funny memories about the people and our kids learned an amazing lesson about hard work and gained new respect for their Dad! We truly believe that God honored our decision about schooling for our children by leading us to that stupid ol’ paper route! 🙂

  9. I wouldn’t know how to react if after a service a dermatologist came to me and said “Great worship, but I can work on your acne scars for free”.

    You have to come to our church to know…sometimes the camera would do a semi-close up on you and first time they did it I freaked out!

    Then again, acne scars laser treatment can run up to $900/treatment…so I might take the offer!

  10. I don’t really think about my crooked teeth ever but I don’t smile as big as people would like for me to. (My personality and my joy doesn’t match my smile.)

    If God needed me to have straight teeth, He will provide. Otherwise, I am glad my teeth are intensely strong.

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