What’s Your Story?

I’ve got a new page on my blog here called Marriage Testimonies.  I had hoped that I could allow people to leave comments on that page, but sadly, I cannot. Because I am no genius with websites, you understand. My talents, they are not endless. I receive many emails each week from people whose marriages are in shambles.  I offer hope to them as best I can from my own story, but know they could benefit from hearing others. Would you like to share your story so that others can be encouraged?  Please send me an email at sharing your marriage story.  Please just share a brief synopsis of what God has done. Looking forward to hearing amazing stories!

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?”

  1. Great work ma’am Cindy. Am still young and single, i will surely learn alot from the marriage testimonies so that when my time comes i know how to handle issues arising. God bless you

  2. Email sent Cindy. I hope it’s sufficient. I was as brief as I could be. It doesn’t really tell it the way we like to tell it. But, alas, our way is lengthy.

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