5 thoughts on “What’s Your Portion?”

  1. Beautiful, that’s what you are!!

    I enjoy listening to you and seeing you…it’s like we are having a cup of coffee together each morning!

  2. This is a huge issue for me. Whenever I eat I think “Oh, I may not get this again for a while, need to eat it while I can.” Now I don’t really think that consciously, but it is underlying and I can see it more and more. Its really hard for me to limit myself on how much I put in front of me. Going to watch that for today.

  3. YOU are a crack up….Cindy, we’ve been on a new plan since the end of last year and I’m down 14 and he’s down 25….yeah, no fair but that’s not my point:) You know as a recovered bulimic gal…it’s really all about WHY and the perfectionism that was my own (God helped me deal with that) and THEN I had to deal with portion control…yikes…that was my issue for years at dinner…

    Wouldn’t eat all day and then STARVED at dinner, I’d go bananas…just not with bananas…lol

    We’re eating ALL day…just the right portion and right combos and GIRL I feel better THAN ever!! This is a blessing!
    (Never a breakfast either…tell Chris I’m with him on that! I’m eating breakfast for the first time in like 25 years!:))

    Oh well……here we are….
    You GO girl!! 26 pounds…that’s HUGE!! AWESOME!

  4. I have been following you the last 3 days and yes I have had my food issues. I never have been on a diet, I just went to a nutritionist and learned how to eat for my body! Sweets have always been my downfall, but today they are a thing of the past. I am not saying that I don’t have them, they just aren’t something I always need. Keep the videos coming! Luv them!


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