What’s Yo Thang?

I had a blast recently leading worship again with my husband, Chris, and the absolute best band this side of the Arkansas River. (I’d say Mississippi River but that’s just too predictable.) During the time when we weren’t singing, we sat in a little room furnished with chairs, snacks and a TV that we affectionately call the Green Room. As we were just sitting around talking, I asked everyone this question: “What is something quirky about you?” Sweet Cody piped in and said that he won’t drink or eat after anyone. (Really, Cody? That’s all you got?) He’s precious. I told everyone that I don’t like my thermostats set on odd numbers. (What you do?) I even went a step further and said that I don’t like the volume on radios or TVs to be on odd numbers either. Our drummer, Brent, said that he counts the number of letters between the letters in the word. Like, if you say the word change, he will count how many letters there are between the c and the h. Somebody needs therapy. What about you? What is your crazy thang?

9 thoughts on “What’s Yo Thang?”

  1. I actually air-type out sentences that I say. If I would say…”I like you”…I will use my fingers to type it out on a non-existent keyboard. I think I have OCD!!

  2. I can’t stand it when a roll of toilet paper (or paper towels) is put on “wrong”. The paper must come over the top of the roll. Doesn’t everyone know that?! I’ve caught myself trying to change it around at people’s houses…

  3. Mandy, a girl’s gotta kiss her man, you know. Ahem.

    Okay, so I absolutely laughed out loud FOR REAL when I read what k put. Now that is funny. Thanks for sharing.

    Kendall, you are right.

  4. I have a lot I’m sure, but can’t think of many.

    When I’m having a conversation, every word I hear I see in my head. So if there is a word I don’t know, I have to have them spell it for me or I can’t keep going… I’ll get hung up on that word.

    Also sometimes while riding in the car I notice myself clenching my teeth, but if we pass a driveway or intersection i unclench my teeth. Kinda hard to describe. I consciously did this a kid but now I do it without noticing.

    If I think of more, I’ll add them. 🙂

  5. If someone else in the house just changes the toilet paper, I am a happy woman – I have let go how it goes on 😉

    My silverware and my stainless steel cannot be in the same hopper in the dishwasher – actually, I am the only one that loads the dishwasher because I know how everything is “right” 🙂

    My shoes need to stay together and so do my socks and my books need to be together by topic and then alphabetized by author – kid books are also done the same way and not mixed in with the grownup books.

  6. I have to un-plug things! Every night I do my sweep thru the house and unplug everything except the t.v. and printer.

    I do it to save money, but it drives my husband crazy.
    He wants to leave the phone chargers plugged in all the time even if the phone isn’t
    hooked up. That just doesn’t work for me.

  7. I can’t stand for my food to touch AND most of the time I eat all of one thing on my plate before I can go on to the next. I don’t like to mix my tastes. Thanksgiving is always a challenge (not for me, but for those that sit next to me at the table- LOL) – I end up with SEVERAL different bowls of food around me.

    There are just too many others to list here…..

  8. Wow K!
    I almost fell out of my chair when I read your response, because that is EXACTLY what I was about to say, wow.

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