What’s In A Name?

Leverett E. Yarbrough Willie J. Ray Sam E. Stout I didn’t know any of the men listed above.  But, I was able to read their names on a war memorial in Washington, DC, recently.  And trust me when I say, the honor was mine. I don’t know where they were in Vietnam when they breathed their last breath.  I have no idea if they were in a helicopter or on the ground or asleep during one of the middle of the night attacks.  I don’t know if they were married or if they were fathers.  I don’t know if they lied about their age to fight for their country or if they were hoping to come home and retire. What I do know is they gave it all. For me. For you. And I’m deeply grateful for and to our brave men and women who stand up to defend our country. Every. Single. Day. Would you take a minute to list at least one person you know who has served in the military of our United States? Let’s honor them today.

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    First time to read your colum. Thank you. It has brought me hope, because I also am one of God favorites, now, I’m beginning to learn of my other family members, through Chirst Jesus, who also is beginning to learn that they are one of His favorites also.

    My Husband is a vietam vet. David Bruce Martin. Helicopter. They do need prayer and loven. What the men and women go through for our freedom, we need to let them know that we care.

    Thanks, so much, for accepting Jesus Chirst as your Lord and Savior, so that we, were able to become family, adopted, isn’t that just so awesome!


    Mrs. Jessie Martin

  2. Great post Cindy. Here are three that popped in my head immediately when I was reading your post:

    LTC Terry May – worked at UCO in his later years and passed away not too long after retirement. Wonderful man. He chronicled the lives of WWII vets in the Edmond Sun for several years before he died.

    Allen Garrett – died in action in Vietnam. One of my lifelong friends brother. Our high school was renamed Edmond Memorial in honor of Allen and three other young men who died in action in Vietnam.

    Jason Graham – one of my precious friends brother. He is in the 101st Airborne in Iraq. He has been in Iraq since November.

  3. Tommy Smith (son – finished boot camp about a month ago)

    Zachary Smith (son – served 1 year in Iraq and leaving for Afghanistan at the end of the year)

    Lewie Jeffries (dad – vet)

    Steve Jeffries (cousin – vet)

    Lee Jeffries (cousin – vet)

    Jonathon Jeffries (cousin – petagon)

  4. Robert Saltzgaber Jr. (My Dad)
    Charles Hill (My Father in Law)
    BoB MaClain (My Dad best friend. He died in Vietnam)

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to honor the men & women that protect us every day.

  5. Standing in front of the Vietnam memorial is truly a humbling experience. I did not personally know anyone who died in the conflict but the reality of confronting their names listed one after another is sobering as well as awe inspiring. Without the sacrifice of so many of our men and women during war we would not have our country or the lives we live now. I admire your story and how you have handled the “war and battlefield” in your lives.
    Vincent Pair- my son-in-law Afghanistan
    Brandon Williams – friend Iraq

  6. Reinhold Moehring – my grandfather
    William Moehring – my uncle
    Charles Moehring – my uncle
    Alvin Moehring – my uncle
    Joe Moehring – my uncle
    Bob Moehring – my cousin
    David Moehring – my brother
    Josh Moehring – my cousin
    Zach Moehring – my cousin
    Julia Hayles – my cousin

    My great-grandfather on my mom’s side

  7. Craig Trotter (My Husband)
    Melvin Trotter (My Father In Law)
    David Maciel (My Dad)
    John Ryan Brennan (My Grandfather)

    Lots of Friends-Young and Old

  8. Why can’t I type this without tearing up? Said so well… the honor is mine.

    Gilbert Brock (Great Grandpa)
    William E. Erhart (Grandpa)
    Cory Eggers (cousin)
    Kevin Eggers (cousin in boot camp RIGHT NOW!)
    Josh Martz (family friend graduating from USAFA this month)
    Jeff Martz (family friend)

    I always think about the mommas who had to let their boys get on a plane and fly to war. How in the world? What a sacrifice for a mom to endure.

  9. All of my brothers have….
    Jason Grindstaff
    John Grindstaff
    Jesse Grindstaff
    Jared Grindstaff

    I am so proud of my boys!

    John English

  10. Roger Robinson – my grandpa
    Louis DeLisle – my dad
    Jean DeLisle – my mom
    Gary Robinson – my uncle
    Carl Robinson – my cousin

  11. leonard summers, jr. (my grandpa, who lost his leg in france during WWII)
    leonard summers, III (my uncle, the gulf war; afghanistan)
    ronnie david phillips (my paternal uncle, vietnam)
    jerry mitchell (my roommate’s father)

    hometown friends:
    chris blaney (killed in iraq)
    chris evans
    a.j. denning
    willie shepherd
    sevon tah-bone

  12. I visited Washington DC in April – enjoyed all the beautiful memorials. Totally amazing! I’m very proud to say I come from a long line of service personnal. I’m very proud to say I’m an American.

    Levi Fitzgerald (son)
    Marvin Bracksieck (father)
    Wayne Fitzgerald (father in law)
    Benjamin Daves (nephew)
    Elizabeth Daves (niece)
    Shane Hawkinson (nephew)
    Bob Sumpter (uncle)
    Tom Sumpter (cousin)
    WC Earnst (uncle)
    Wes Roberst (brother in law)
    Kent Shirley (brother in law)
    Ben Daves (brother in law)
    Jay Rambo (cousin)

  13. MSG David Dowling (my husband) currently on his 2nd deployment to Iraq in the past 3 years!!

  14. I thought it odd when my 5th grade history teacher sang a song to our class, but her passion captured my heart and I’ve never forgotten the words she sang 30 years ago.

    “Freedom isn’t free
    Freedom isn’t free
    You’ve got to pay a price
    You’ve got to sacrifice
    For your liberty”

    I’d like to honor my oldest son, Jason, who serves in the U.S. Army and has toured Iraq twice. Will return either there or head to Afghanistan in a few months, leaving behind a wife and 4 children, ages 6 and under.

    My dad and three brothers all served as well.

    God Bless America!

  15. Your great grandpa was Henry Philips
    Eugene Pope-cousin
    G.C. Pope-cousin
    Joe Pope-cousin
    Cleveland Pope-my dad

  16. My maternal grandpa, Ralph Harless. He wrote love letters to my mom while he was at war, and I had the privilege of reading some of them. He left his wife & kids to serve. Fortunately he did return, but I can only imagine he had friends that didn’t. Thank you for reminding us to pay respect to those who served & to pray for those serving us now.

  17. John A. Lewis,Sr. ( my Dad,deceased,WWll ) John A. Lewis,Jr. (brother,Vietnam, two tour) Robert E. Dixon ( brother-in-law,Vietnam) Alex C. Cunningham ( friend,co-worker,Saudia Arabia,Iraq Fredrick Rankins ( cousin,Saudia,Iraq) Adrianne Gibson ( daughter, Iraq) Billy Barksdale (friend,co-worker,Saudia Arabia,Iraq) So many men from my town died in Vietnam and alot of them came back mentally ill. Thank God for all the men and women that have fought for our country and us!! Shirley Lewis-Brown( Aunt,Navy retired)

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