What’s A Wiener Strap?

We spent some time at Table Rock Lake recently. Wonderful time, we had. Our boys are terrific swimmers but being in a lake where you can’t touch means one thing. Life jackets. So, they had them fastened on including the strap that goes between the legs.  You know, to keep the vest from riding over the heads. They enjoyed swimming to the buoys to get exercise with their dad.  Two or thirty times. Kids need their exercise.  And boy if they didn’t sleep like logs that night. What? At one point our 5 1/2 year old, Seth, said to his dad, “Can we undo the wiener strap?” Apparently, he thinks the strap between his legs is for his, ahem. Nice. Have a terrific Friday.

11 thoughts on “What’s A Wiener Strap?”

  1. even without coffee that is a funny one! Thanks for sharing all sides of your fam.

    I appreciate it!

    it reminds me of my youngest when we were praying about “wettin’ the bed”. I prayed, “please God wake her up so she can potty in the toilet”. She answered me, “mom, God always gives me lots of opportunities, I just don’t want to take them in the middle of the nite!”

    love those kiddos!!

  2. Be blessed that there is not a little sister running around to repeat the weiner talk that is inevident in a house with boys. Yesterday, while in line at the grocery store, my soon to be three-year old daughter told her brother (very loudly, of course) that he had hit her in the weiner. Lovely. Mother of the Year, right here, people! 😉

  3. ‘Weiner straps’ are not designed by men, ‘cos if they were, they wouldn’t run where they do!!!!!!
    I can perfectly understand the poor boys question. He has a wince from me and my sympathy!
    A grandad

  4. It’s amazing what you miss out on when first of all you grew up with only sisters and second the youngest male in the house is dad!!

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