What Would You Do?

There are people who purchase things for themselves and don’t even bat an eyelash about it. There are people who wouldn’t dare get anything for themselves because they would feel guilty. I am in the middle, but really lean more to the side of not getting anything for myself.  I am, however, trying to do better. Sounds odd, huh?  Trying to do more for myself in a self-absorbed society like we live in.  Well, take that with a grain of salt because what that really consists of is allowing myself to purchase a pair of $3 shorts on the clearance rack at Kohl’s.   Told you. But, if I was given an extra $100 bucks a month and had to use it on myself, I would do two things.  I would get nice fingernails and I would get a massage. Because dang if my nails won’t grow and dang it I don’t have some issues up in my neck and upper back. Your turn. What would you do if you had $100 bucks that you had to spend on yourself each month?

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  1. 1) Pedicures – twice a month
    2) Download music. Well, more of it.
    3) Go to the movies. I love the movies. And, this would drain the rest of my $100. No doubt.

  2. 1) Pedicures – twice a month
    2) Download music. Well, more of it.
    3) Go to the movies. I love the movies. And, this would drain the rest of my $100. No doubt.

  3. 1. Good coffee. To be enjoyed all morning long!
    2. Gas money to see my friends in Oklahoma
    3. Books. Lots of books. To be read with my good coffee

  4. 1. Find a hairstylist and schedule. I don’t get my haircut very often and it would probably appreciate some consistent attention.
    2. Massage, definitely
    3. Clothes–might even get some that aren’t on sale! OR the occasional pedi/manicure.

  5. pedicure for sure and manicure everyonce in awhile.. for sure a new pair of shoes & I have a slight obsession with purses.

  6. Save it for something I’d want at some point… like new hard drives, computers, vacations…


    We already have something like that. It’s call a Party Tithe, it rocks!

    But I still hate spending money. [smile]


  7. Well with the $100 a month I would put toward becoming debt free BUT just in case you didn’t know…. you can go to the beauty schools and get those nails AND massage for a MUCH reduced price. Just a thought.

  8. Gosh! I… uh… don’t know. Would I be allowed to use it on the debt that’s not getting smaller as fast as I’d like?

    But if this is assuming that that’s taken care of… I’d spend it on my house. There’s not much I wish I had more money for other than to get this 1978 house redecorated. The linoleum is curling up, the carpet is ripped, we need to finish the basement so my son can have a bedroom… $100/month going toward that would be amazing!

    One more thing. I’d probably use $20/month of it on cheese. Seriously. I’ve love to be able to afford to have cheese available for snacking, cooking, and enjoying every day, and I haven’t been able to afford that for a year or two now.

    Okay… go ahead and laugh… I can do without chocolate, but doing without cheese is HARD!

  9. wow. thinking about this was harder than i thought it would be.

    probably, to tell the truth, it would be spent on coffee and way too expensive hair product.

    i’m disappointed in myself. surely i could be more ingenious than that. why don’t you send me $100 a month and i’ll test it out … 🙂

  10. hair stuff

    or, if I’m super christian like, I’d put $10 in church and give the $90 away. But, seein’ as how I’m selfish, I’d probably spend it on myself. maybe, I dunno for sure.


  11. yarn. the stuff that i want to knit with but can’t bring myself to spend that much money on.

    hair appointment. i have a cute style but need to keep up the appointments.

    clothes. always feel guilty about buying clothes for myself therefore i don’t look as stylish as i would like. sad since i love watching what not to wear.

    save it. spending money is hard for me.

    babysitter. so i could go get a massage.

  12. I would save it so that I could buy round trip air fare every three months to visit Edmond and my girlfriends. They all y’all would really get sick of me. LOL

  13. I’d probably add it to what I call my “stash,” which is a fund I keep for splurges. I’d like to say it’s for veneers someday, but I think it’d take a looooong time for it to add up for that.

    So, more realistically, I’d use it for something like a Lululemon exercise top off Ebay or a new video workout. 🙂

  14. The first month, I would use it to get my laptop fixed. Then I would take my laptop to Starbucks and drinnk coffee for some much needed down-time while my daughter is at preschool.

  15. I’m with you…spending money on myself is SO HARD. Spending money in general is hard. I’d rather save it.

    That said, I’d spend my $100/month on these things, in a round-robin sort of way:
    1. Tickets to theatre/symphony/concerts
    2. Cute clothes in smaller sizes 🙂
    3. Organic foods/gourmet cooking ingredients
    4. Cake baking tools/gadgets/books or art supplies
    5. Pampering

  16. I wouldn’t know what to do with money just for me every month! I’d save part of it and buy more art supplies… paint, canvases, etc… and then the saved part would be for more classes or retreats.. or to pay a babysitter so I could have alone time!

  17. i would absolutely get a massage at least once, haha. then use quite a bit for gas to drive back and forth to the edmond campus for switch and fuse (it adds up so quickly living an hour away!). and, since i’m praying about an opportunity to intern with a missions agency this summer that would be without pay, i would save the majority of it for those living expenses.
    it’s so fun to dream! =)

  18. im being totally serious here. but honestly, the question overwhelms me. i have no idea what id do. im trying to be carefree and creative here…

  19. A massage every week sounds absolutely heavenly. Bob Hope had a massage every single day of his life, and he lived to be about 101 or something, right? Proof that we should all get massages. Ahhh.

  20. Massages are definitely great. So I’ll ditto that. And I’d love to be able to have a stash just for meeting friends/family for lunch or coffee. Or for a once a month REALLY nice dinner out with my husband.

  21. That’s a loaded question for me in the season of life I am in. I have a lot of difficulty spending money on me…because I am so overwhelmed by the needs I see all around me. I almost cannot let go and enjoy myself while spending. HOWEVER, I think I would enjoy spending an extra $100/month to go out for coffe/lunch with friend(s). Hanging with good friends and enjoying good food…is just something deeply spiritual (and theraputic) I honestly think it’s partly what we were created to do!

  22. All these people that say they would save it are crazy! I would definetely get nice nails, too! And, seeing that I’ve never had a massage, so I wouldn’t miss it… I’d get my hair done. My self trimmings are getting a little old! I, too have a hard time spending money on myself.

  23. nails and hair.

    I MISS getting my hair done every month. It was more than a cut/style/color. It was my time by myself hanging out with my hairlady who became a great friend. Loved it.

    And nails just because. 😉

  24. Hmmm… wow that’s a tough one. The massage thing is sounding really great right now. (ever notice how much more stiff your neck gets when you start thinking about a massage? Weird.)

    So yeah… my answer is that I would have a massage once a week.

  25. 1. Hire an organizer/decorator
    2. Order from our favorite restaurant at least once a month (we almost never go out to eat)
    3. Buy yarn! lots of yarn! with any leftover cash 🙂

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