What Would Dirk Do?

Around these parts there is a couple that many of my friends and I go to for parenting advice. Dirk & Robin Meadows. meadows They are wise, totally laid back, non-judgmental, totally in love with each other and actually pretty dog gone fun. And they have seven kids. SEVEN KIDS.  God love ’em. Just the other day Natalie Witcher was sharing a parenting trial with those closest to her, of which I am one, thankyousokindly, and she was gettin’ after it.  I mean really gettin’ after it.  She could have preached it.  At one point she said, “I told JT that he needed to call Dirk Meadows and see what he would do.” As she was sorting through it all, Robin swooped in and gave the ever-so-needed words of wisdom.  And we all went, “Ah.  Right. Mmmm.” While we all consider Robin to be one of the girls, she is still light years ahead of us on raising kids and learning how to handle the obstacles in her way.  Dirk, her tender warrior, is equally wise and knows exactly how to steer someone toward life and godliness.  Their humility is evident to all.  They are amazing parents. How do I know this? I know their kids.

9 thoughts on “What Would Dirk Do?”

  1. They ARE amazing! I thank the Lord every day that He allowed me to marry into their family!! My husband is an incredible, godly man because of the values Robin and Dirk instilled in him from the very beginning of his life.

    And they are FUN! No matter what kind of event or party I’m planning with my girlfriends, Mama Meadows always makes the invite list! 🙂

  2. oh mercy, we weren’t kidding about calling him that night. We had our eyes set on our mentors!! Yes, Robin was wonderful the next day. It truly was one of those moments when we all sighed and nodded our heads at the wisdom.

    Thanks you Meadow’ses.

  3. Thanks Cindy for the kind words. It’s amazing how times have changed.
    When Robin and I were younger we would have loved to have someone share with us some of the things that they had gone through with marriage and raising kids.
    There probably were those people there but truthfully we thought we knew it all. It wasn’t until we grew older that we learned “the older you get the less you know.”
    Any one who recognizes they need help and that it is all right to reach out will be worlds ahead if they will just ask for it. Love you and Chris.

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