What Should Church Be Like?

Every Sunday morning, David leaves his suburban home for a 30-minute trek downtown to pick up John and bring him to church. John sits with David’s wife and children, and of course David. And when the service is over, David drives him back home. He does this almost every Sunday. He’s been doing this for fifteen months. People wonder, What should church be like? This, my friends, is what Church should be like.

David didn’t plan to impact someone’s life and change the trajectory of it the day he met John. He simply befriended a man, disheveled in appearance, without an earthly home, and decided to ask him to come to church with him. John said yes. Since that time, John’s life has radically changed.

From the first time he nervously walked into the building we call “church” he’s said yes to Jesus, found a home to reside in, gotten baptized, given his first offering, begun leading a weekly men’s Bible study, and now invites everyone he sees to church. David just talked to a guy and asked him to church. God’s majestic power did the rest. This is what Church should be like. I use a capital “C” on purpose. I’m referring to the ones who follow Jesus, the body of Christ.

Instead of asking what church should be like, ask what should you be like. Because if you’re a Jesus-follower, you are the Church.

Instead of asking what church should be like, ask what you should be like. Because if you are a Jesus-follower, you are the Church. When David saw John and simply became his friend, he was, in that very moment, one of the tools God used to grow His Church. You see, God was already miraculously massaging John’s heart by the power of His Spirit. So, when David entered the scene, John was ripe for the harvest.

We are told in Galatians 6:9 to stay strong, not allowing weariness to set in when our earthly, finite timeframes don’t get satisfied. We’re challenged to “not give up.” When we don’t let feelings of discouragement or frustration set in, we eventually get to be a part of God’s harvest in some way.

What if instead of expecting the pastors and missionaries to be the ones who share the light of Jesus with others, we decided to be pastors and missionaries to those in our part of the world? What if we all looked for our own John? The person who is far from God and needs a touch of hope from the Savior we proclaim to know and follow. How outstanding would it be if everyone just reached out to one person? And then we did it again, and again, and again.

That is what Church should be like.

God is the Master Harvester. He doesn’t need us, but He most certainly desires to use us, His Church. We make the effort to reach someone, and God multiplies it by His mighty hand. We plant a seed, and God nourishes it with His living water. He can’t not. It’s just who He is. It’s just what He does.

What should Church be like? Always growing. Always offering hope. Always making a difference in the world. Let’s stop thinking we go to church. Let’s be the Church. We get to live out what Church should be like.

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  1. Thank you for being so real, truth centered rather than religious. Praise God for messages like that brings hope, rather than laying a burden of hope or making criticising excuses.

  2. I loved the episode on Focus on The Family where you and your husband told your story. I asked my husband to listen to it with me, and he did. He has dealt with pornography since he was a young boy. He also has a real hard time staying away from alcohol, and he has lied so many times to me about it over the years. He’ll tell me he’s staying at work late so he can drink, and of course I can smell it on him. I was saved in 2001 and he said he was saved, too (he said the prayer). I am now 62 years old, and my husband has not been intimate w me since I was 40 years old. When I express my pain and sorrow and disappointment, he brushes me away, and says “we’re not going to talk about that now”. Unlike your husband, he doesn’t appear to have a conscience, sorrow or repentance. He has had Tourettes Syndrome since he was about 6 or 7 years old. This relationship is not healthy for me. My pastor knows about this, but he doesn’t ask us how we are doing, or try to help. I stopped going to this particular church; my husband still attends. My husband may have a personality issue – I just don’t know. I just can’t understand the lack of remorse for the continual pain I bear. Can you help me with advice and prayer. I feel so broken. If not for God’s amazing grace, I would not be able to go on. I’m afraid to be alone, to leave my home and to do something God doesn’t want me to do. (You know that statement about the church shooting their wounded really resonated with me.)

  3. I have a problem with my relationships with everyone it seems. Or maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself. I don’t know but I have a 20 years old gorgeous daughter that lives with us and acts as if she cares little about getting a job or going to school and most of all conversation with me about anything at all. And especially not going anywhere with me. And I have an adopted 32 year old daughter that is disabled that lives with me and so does her. husband Joey and she’ treats me almost as bad as Kali. My husband works and he’s not really able to work because he has COPD very bad and arthritis very bad too. He pays very little attention to me because he’s been impotent since he had 3 strokes in 2012. He does give me a peak of a.kiss several times daily but I can’t even remember the last time he put.his arms around me. I ty very hard to pay a lot of attention to all my family even though sometimes it causes an argument with my daughters and my husband Mack he doesn’t argue but he’s not paying attention to what I’m saying because I’m interrupting his TV programs he watches from the time he from work til he.goes to sleep. I fill my time with the Bible and prayer of course and cleaning and making crafts to sell disabled and I do miss working so very much but I’m not able. I’ve tried to let them talk to me come to me but that’s only when they want something and I love doing things for my family or helping them with cash if I have it but we’re struggling to buy groceries here at my home. I’d like for them to come to me just to have conversation or just to check on my health because I’m in pretty bad health and I’m battling breast cancer. I ask the girls to go to my radiation treatment with me but I got a.flat out no. They left a little bit ago to go to town and I asked them why don’t talk ever ask me to go and Heather acted as if I’d ask her to build a rocket ship and got attitude with me and Kali just ignored me and they left. The only time Heather goes with me and I really appreciate it is when I go to the pain clinic 2 hours away and Kali doesn’t care to do anything for me or to help me out and they don’t owe me anything. Joey however works slot around here to keep things goin and he’s such a big help and I tell him how much I appreciate it. Mack and I go to different churches because I like the Church.of God and he likes the Methodist Church that I grew up in. The reason I don’t care for the Methodist Church anymore is because it’s not a very moving experience for me when I go there anymore like the very moving experience I get at the church of God. Mack went with time and he said they make too much racket while the preachers tryin to preach and all those Amens and everything the congregation keeps saying needs to stop. They need to be quite and he would not ever go back there again. I’ve asked him to go with me again but he get aggregated and says ivrtold you I’m not ever going back there again. If I die before he dies I hope he’ll go there just one more time because that’s where I want my.fuberal held is at that little church in wheeler. I know my.priblems seem small but if you’ any suggestions pleease tell me what I’m doin wrong. I just wanna be a part of their lives. Just this.morning out in my.little flower shop we were all sitting out there and Troyba friend of our was there to pick up Joey to get his help to move his shed. And Heather had a piece of aluminum foil and she was folding it up. I asked her what she was.gonnado with that aluminum foil and her response was nothing I just folded it up because I knew you’d ask that question. Shed highlighted.her hair last night and was.using aluminum foil for that and she tore off too much so I guess she was.gonna waste it instead of putting it up to time one.of us needed foil to highlight She was just playing a trick.on me and treating me bad. I’ve.told her and Joey to find the a place to live but I reckon they thought I year. They help out very little financially and it has broken us with them living here. I don’t to make it any clearer to them to find a place to live cause it made Heather mad when I told them but we’ve gotta have some relief from this financial upset we’re in and them moving out and Kalu getting a job is the only thing that’s gonna help. I can’t get any more money outta them cause I’ve tried and the only reason they moved in was for her to be with me and help me out while I was goin through radiation and all. But she didn’t help me out much at all. Shed wash my clothes occasionally but she washes them all together and I’d tell her not to but she’d do it anyway. And just like right now she’s got 2 baskets of clothes that were in the washer and dryer she hasn’t.even bothered to try and hang and fold them and of course they’re wrinkled bad and I can’t stand wrinkled clothes but.theyrw not mine. But I’ve told her to keep them put up and the top of the dryer unloaded. I don’t like clothes on top of my dryer. Respect my wishes and my.hone please. I’d respect hers. I did when she had one. And Kali too. I’ve cleaned both their homes especially Kalis many times cause she can be a bit on the lazy side. Thanks for reading my complaints and I hope you have the time to answer. Lord please forgive me I ask in Jesus name for anything I’ve done or said wrong and be.with me throughout the rest.of the day and be with Uncle Cgarlue and his family and he battles these burbs. I ask for your healing hand. Amen🙏

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