What Not To Say To A Woman

I had a conversation with my six-year old recently.  And it went a little something like this:
Seth:  “Mom, this part of your leg is kinda fat.” (He was pointing to my inner thigh.) Me: (Eyes widening and head tilting slightly to the side.) Seth:  “I’m not trying to be mean.” Me: “Um, son, telling someone they are fat is not something you should ever say.” Seth:  “I’m not trying to be mean.” Me:  “I know.  It’s okay.” Seth:  (Thinking quick about how he can make me feel better) “Your ankles are really skinny.”
And scene.

10 thoughts on “What Not To Say To A Woman”

  1. I get that from both of my kids… Mommy, you are squishy! I tell them that is what makes me soft and snugglie to love on… It always works.

  2. My “niece” RaiLynn always tells me that I look pregnant, my son is (8mos) 😉 But she thinks its a compliment because she loves pregnant people. So I just smile and say thankyou…haha!!

  3. LOL… the innocence of children. They don’t understand the full picture yet. I’d just take it with a grain of salt. He’s just thinkin out loud. Just sayin!

  4. I love this… I’m still laughing.

    After being stretched out to Alaska (yes, I use exaggeration) during both my pregnancies, I’ve realized that skin will never be the same. My youngest beauty likes to touch my tummy and say “You have a jelly belly, Mommy”. One of those ways our children know how to make us feel grrrreat (yes, I also use sarcasm).

  5. My 6 year old boy recently told me that my tummy was “fatty and flicky.” I don’t even know what flicky is. I told him that is because he stretched me all out.

    Aaaahhhh … boys.

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