What is obedience?

I read this quote somewhere…sometime. I’m not sure to whom the credit should go, but I still want to share it with you.

Obedience always involves sacrifice, but sacrifice is not always obedience.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love your insight.

6 thoughts on “What is obedience?”

  1. Sweet! Oh sweet baby Jesus, I’m tempted to declare I have no idea and move on without a second thought. It sounds scary can we just not venture there today, or ever…j/k it’s good… that thought I will have to think about, it may take some mulling over, maybe meditation…after I write my paper though! That’s good…really good! I’ll be back later

  2. I think it’s from I Sam. 15:22. I remember one of my children being very adept at doing everything else besides what he was asked to do (and they were GOOD things). This is a scripture that I used often to remind him.

    I know I’m guilty of doing “good things” rather than the what I KNOW are the right things. Maybe it makes us feel better?

    Good reminder!

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