What Is A Mentor?

I’ll never forget the day my mom and brother dropped me off at college. I was only 55 miles from my childhood home, but it was still just that – away from home.

Thankfully, I met a few people from my campus at a summer camp in Glorieta, New Mexico so I didn’t feel all alone. One of the girls I met was name Barb. And she was like the one everyone knew and went to for guidance and help. Within a matter of time, she became like a big sister to me.

One day she pulled me aside and said, “Cindy, have you ever been discipled?” My response must have resembled a deer in headlights type of look. I was saved at the age of 8 and was in church all of my life and yet at 19 years old, I had no clue what she was talking about.

What she was talking about was what I want to talk about today: Mentoring.

There are numerous definitions of the word mentor. A couple of the definitions of the word are a trusted counselor or guide ( or an influential senior sponsor or supporter ( I think my favorite definition is the one I found at Cambridge Dictionary Online. It says:

A person who gives another person help and advice over a period of time and often also teaches them how to do their job.

How awesome is that?! I love that it literally speaks to simply being with someone as we journey through the ebs and flows of life.

The experience I had with Barb as my mentor and the fact that I did not have people speaking into my life regularly is what caused such a passion to rise up in me for mentoring. We were not created to go through life alone. We have all experienced things in life that can benefit someone else.

Whose life are you going to benefit?

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  1. yes yes yes!! Mentoring is so important, and we so need it today in the Body of Christ! He is raising up people with Mothers Hearts and Fathers hearts to pour into the younger generation. I love it with a passion too! I have been poring into a girl in our church since she was 14years old and now she is 23 yrs and about to get married this week! It is so beautiful to see the fruit and now her turn to pass on the baton. I am also one of the bridesmaids which I think is funny because I am double her age!! But I must still be cool!!!!!!

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