What Happened In 2007?

God happened, that’s what. Here’s an excerpt from my journal from January 4, 2007:
I’m expecting 2007 to be a big year for the Beall family. There are so many amazing things that I believe are going to happen. I believe my book will be published this year. I believe that we’ll pay off huge amounts of debt this year. I believe we might begin to home school the boys. I know that other things will occur, too. I might lose someone I love. Someone I know might get real sick. A couple I know might divorce. A child I know might die. But, as soon as I realize that those things are part of life, the more I can go on living.
Here’s how that turned out: •Didn’t publish a book. •Did pay off major debt 🙂 Didn’t decide to home school. (Although we have laid that at the feet of the Father from year to year should He lead our family otherwise.) Did lose someone I loved…two in fact. Someone I knew got real sick. More than one couple I know called it quits on their marriage. Started publishing my own stuff on my blog. Can I just say that I have had so much fun with this blog? So what that three publishers told me in indirect ways that I would not make enough money for their company. I’m literally publishing my writings EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’m also getting to live out my passion by helping women. And, and, and, I got to “meet” new people who are full of awesomeness like Theresa, Sarah, Mandy, Tam, Alece, Mindy, Hope, Rachel, Jimmy, Ryan, Michael, Erica, Scott, Boomama, Crystal, Lisa, Casey, Joe, Mary, Tamera, Andrea, Jenn, Vickie, and Lisa and plenty of others that I just can’t get down in time to post this! I hope my writing is a blessing to you. I hope some days I make you think so hard that your head hurts. I hope that at times you’ve laughed so hard that you had to hold your legs together. I don’t really want to make you cry but I think I might have a couple of times and that’s good. Because tears, they cleanse the windows of the soul. Thank you for reading. Please keep coming back.  It means the world to me.

26 thoughts on “What Happened In 2007?”

  1. I very much enjoy reading your blog.

    I thought I would mention this to you, for fun. http://www.blurb.com/ Here you can turn you blog into a book. Isn’t that fun? I’ve always thought I would do that someday and then I heard of this site. Even if it’s just one copy for myself.

  2. I’ll be back. You have provided much humor and deep thoughts. It’s good to reflect back on where God has taken you.
    Sometimes the journey isn’t what we want or longer than we want but its a good one.

  3. Oh My Goodness! My day would just NOT be complete without a stop by cindybeall.com…always great stuff, whether I laugh or cry or think so hard my head hurts. LOVE LOVE LOVE you.

    Oh, and I wanted to ask, is this excerpt from shortly after Craig’s Vision sermon from last year? I remember exactly what I told my LifeGroup I was “believing God for” in 2007. Ask me sometime…it’ll blow your mind. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your writings. So what if they’re not good enough for them. They’re just what I need some days. And ya know, isn’t that what it’s really all about anyways?
    Thank you for what you do. 🙂

  5. Oh Lady…You have no clue how much you have helped me. How many times I have thank the Lord that you knew what I was going through or had gone through. You have helped me see that there are so many people out there that have experienced the same kinds of hurt that I have felt or caused. You have helped me see that I don’t need to feel guilty for my forgivness. I don’t need an excuse to forgive or a reason to explain it to other people. I can forgive as freely as I want and it isn’t anybodies business but mine and my Heavenly Fathers. You have lead me through your blog roll to other amazing women. You have put a desire in me so strong to know you and the others that I am flying out to see you. I feel honored, loved and blessed that you guys would open your homes and lives to me. I will come back forever until you tell me to stop. You are an amazing woman…..I’m just saying 🙂

  6. This Georgia transplant doesn’t go a day without tuning into your blog…unless my children start the day off crazy, in which case I put them to bed early and then get on the WWW. LOVE your blog. LOVE your heart. LOVE your spirit. I can tell a good spirit when I see one….or read one. And, you got it babe!

  7. Always here.

    I am not going anywhere.

    Like I told a friend yesterday, “You have to fire me in order to get rid of me.”

    I promise I will make it to OKC and soon.

  8. yes!!!! you are a crazy-big blessing! thank you for writing daily and being a oklahoman, too. i don’t know many oklahomans.

    although, in 3rd grade i chose oklahoma for my state report. out of all 50, the OK was mine.

    i’m just sayin’. =)

  9. “I’m literally publishing my writings EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

    what a great and oh-so-true way to view this.

    i’m encouraged.

    and i LOVE your writings!

  10. Cindy,
    Somedays are so, so busy – as you well know. I don’t always have time to read the many blogs I love to read. I’ve made a top five list that I RARELY miss reading everyday and you’re in it. I appreciate your sensitivity, your authenticity and your humour. Thanks so much for being faithful in ministering to us blogheads. I’m sure that book will come this year! Love you so much!

  11. you had me at hello.

    you have rocked my world in such a short time Cindy!

    God knows exactly what He’s doing!

  12. ALWAYS a blessing to me, as well. Thanks for always being honest, and sharing your thoughts and opinions, as well as some truth we all need to hear from time to time. Lov ya!

  13. I’ll be back. I have your site in my bookmarks folder. You’re a very clean writer, which is terrific for a novelist to see in the blogsphere.

    As for those rejections from publishers, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I’ve had 59 rejections for one manuscript.

    And Tam, God bless her, recently reminded me that some things have no affect on our standing with Christ.

    That I really needed to remember.

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