What Do You Bring With You?

My pastor, Craig Groeschel, said something in his message a couple of days ago that snatched my attention. I don’t know if he planned to say it or if the Holy Spirit arrested his thought process and brought it to his lips in the moment.

Because the Holy Spirit works in our planning and in the moment.

The statement Pastor Craig said was, “What walks into the room when you walk into the room?”

When I, Cindy Beall, walk into a room, what comes with me?

Is it the good stuff like hope, joy, encouragement, kindness and positivity?

(Mercy, I hope it’s the good stuff.)

Or is the the stuff we don’t want to acknowledge like negativity, discord, jealousy, rudeness and hatefulness?

(Say it ain’t so, Lord.)

As I was challenged by this, I’d like to challenge you with it as well.

What Do You Bring With You?

Today’s Reading
Matthew 5:14-16
Ephesians 5:8


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