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What Do I Think About Tiger Woods?

I think he was wrong.  I think he made many bad choices.  I think he’s hurt a lot of people.  I think he’s lost the respect of many of his fans and endorsers. But, I also feel for him because he believed a lie and walked in it.  That’s what happens when people commit adultery.  They believe the lie of “the grass is greener” or that they are “in love”.  It’s nothing short of an illusion. Don’t be shocked because I have a tremendously empathetic heart – even towards an adulterer. While I don’t ooze mercy, I do know how to place myself in someone’s shoes and attempt to feel just a bit of what they are feeling. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there.  I’ve been where he and his wife are now.  Now, I didn’t have my face plastered across every magazine nor did I have jokes made at my expense.  But, I still know what it’s like to watch your life, as you knew it, fall apart due to infidelity and then try with everything in you to put it back together again while everyone goes about their merry way and you wonder why your life can’t go on. I don’t know what will happen with Tiger Woods and his wife.  I don’t know if they’ll make it or not.  I do believe he has made some good choices in the aftermath of the destruction that he caused.  I don’t know what his heart is truly feeling or if he is blowing smoke.  But, to see someone step aside from his career, his passion to fix what seems to be an irreparable mess, makes my respect grow for him.  Because he’s facing the situation and not running. Pray for Tiger Woods and his family.  Don’t tell jokes about them.  Don’t judge them because you “would never ever do such a thing” to your spouse.  Because I’m pretty sure that he said the same thing when he got married. Just thinking out loud.

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  1. “I would never” is the perfect phrase to either challenge God to put you where He wants you as in my personal “I will never homeschool” or for Satan to attack…..

  2. Huh, it’s the craziest thing…..I was driving to work this morning and randomly thought “I wonder what Cindy thinks about this whole Tiger Woods fiasco?” Crazy…….!

    Anyways, I agree. Never say never because it happens to even the best of us. I hope to see their marriage restored and for the media to give them this time alone to work through all the emotions that go along with infidelity…..hopefully ending in a success story; praising God!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wondered what Cindy thought of Tiger. But I also thought she would probably feel the same way I do. Tiger screwed up. Nobody is above it. One small “meaningless” action can start you down a slippery slope to destruction. Never say never.

    I’m glad he’s taking steps to correct his mistakes. I hope he and his wife do work it out. I know it can be done, with God’s help. I feel sorry for them. People need to leave them alone.

  4. In a world where anyone from an A-listers to your average Joe can simply decide to end there marriage at the drop of a hat, without putting one ounce of work into fixing it, I say good for Tiger. What our country needs is a high profile person to figure out how to fix their marriage and follow through with it. Divorce is not the answer there are children at stake here! Though the road is tough and long (from my personal experience) it has been welll worth it to wake up and see my angels faces every morning, knowing that they have a mom and dad who almost quit, but through a short period of hell, made it work and made it work better than it was before. Prepare your hearts for forgiveness and don’t quit!

  5. I agree! He and his family really needs our prayers, even more so now that he’s returning to Budhism. The only way he can fix this is if he gives his life to the Lord, and seeks HIS guidence and council. Without TRUE repentence and salvation he’s likely to go down the same adulterous path again.

  6. Yes, we need to pray for Tiger and his family. I think it is odd that everybody is only concerned with how Tiger feels and is going through. No one mentions praying for his wife’s guidance and wisdom to make the right choice. She has a very difficult choice. Tiger didn’t give in to only one temptation, two, three, four, five, six…he made the concious choice of many “greener on the otherside choices” with different women. No, it is not for us to judge, but come on! He did wrong. I pray that someday he will find his way to Christianity. I’m sure buddism has it’s good points and morals. However, there is only one God and until Tiger accepts Christ as his only savior…he may not find peace. So when I pray, I will pray that he finds Christ.

  7. Thank you for this. Even though I have been through this, I was struggling with my feelings towards the situation. I immediately want to jump in and give her a hug…not so much him.

    A great preacher (hubby) says we should expect lost people to act like lost people. I am a believer who needs to act like a believer!

  8. I’m in agreement with what you said Cindy. We’ve “all” made mistakes and paid for them. We’ve risen from the ashes, or at least some have. I pray that God’s Will brings the Woods family through this honoring and glorifying God.

  9. Great comments! (Awesome testimony, Michael!!) Thanks for thinking out loud, Cindy, becuase it makes us think too. I wholeheartedly agree that the proper response is not to joke or to judge. The judgement is already found in God’s word, but so is His beautiful mercy. Praying that they will turn to God to heal and restore because only His work is everlasting.

  10. I also think it is very sad that the media is taking polls on weather Elin should forgive him/stay in the maggige. How sad is that I prya that she does what’s best for her and her family and not what the media feels she should do.

  11. I agree with Heather that there is so much pressure from the world for Elin to just dump Tiger and move on. Whether you support her decision or not, its hard to deny that Jenny Sanford was influenced to divorce by all the encouragement to be “a strong woman” and not be a victim.

    Here’s a great blog post on strength from a woman who stood for three years while her husband was off in the far country. God moved in an incredible way in her situation and they are now reconciled:

  12. So I love your post and perspective. I have heard far too many Christians approaching the situation with judgment rather than grace and it just hurts my heart. Because is he really any “worse” than I am? Nope, unfortunately we have ALL sinned and fall short!

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