What Defines You?

The 11th chapter of the book of John in the New Testament is chock full of stuff.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Not only do we read that Jesus wept over someone he dearly loved, but he eventually brought that loved one back to life.  This loved one, Lazarus, had a couple of sisters who would say that the son of God took his own sweet time getting back to help out, but I think it’s clear that Jesus knew exactly what He was doing. Jump ahead with me to the 12th chapter.  John mentioned Lazarus in this chapter on three separate occasions and always followed it up with “whom Jesus had raised from the dead.” I just love that. Before Lazarus’ death, he’s a regular sandal-wearing guy going about his business and now, he’s the most popular guy in town.  Everybody knows about him.  Everybody wants to meet him.  Everybody wants to hear his account of the story.  This act, a rather huge act, mind you, is what now defines Lazarus. And that is often what happens to us.  There are things that happen to us or because of us that people remember. I’m the woman people talk about when infidelity comes up in marriages.  Some would say that I shouldn’t let something like the near death of my marriage define me.  And while I agree with that to an extent, I don’t mind that people know me because of my story. Because of God’s redemptive story. So, while I don’t necessarily want to be known only as Cindy, the woman who forgave her husband for his unfaithfulness, I certainly don’t mind being known as Cindy, the Christ-following woman who surrendered her life so that the glory of God would be displayed. What it is that defines you?

8 thoughts on “What Defines You?”

  1. It’s easy though sometimes to allow the circumstances in our life define who we are. But, they aren’t. We are not our circumstances. A part of my life right now is a consequece of my husbands actions and decisions. But, it’s my decision to be lead by Christ and to go forward, and not stand still in the consequence.

  2. Enjoyed reading “What Defines You”. I thought about what defines me and I realized that the circumstances of life actually defines who I am today. Coming from an abusive background from the time I was a child until I became an adult I could have let the fact that I was abuse define me but I took what the devil meant for bad and use it for the Glory of God.. I am a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Mentor. Positive Image is who I am. Thank God. This was awesome. Smile

  3. I’m not certain what defines me. Truly.

    I think I will have to look into that. Some days I am so sure of Me, but then there are periods that I have no clue the where, what and why of my life. 🙂 I am sure that isn’t a shocking statement coming from me.

  4. i love this so much.

    i’ve been trying to wrap my heart around the fact that divorce does not define me any more than my marriage defined me. it’s still hard to grasp when i picture myself walking around with a big red D on my chest, but… sigh.

    i love your perspective on this. down the road if i’m always known as the one who allowed God to redeem even the brokenness of her life after her divorce… i’m okay with that.

  5. I’ve always said I would not let my divorce define me. Now, I can add to that “I’m Dusty, the Christ-following woman who surrendered her life so that the glory of God would be displayed.”

    You don’t mind me using that do ya?

  6. Thanks for writing this. My husband, about to leave a 23 year job (the only job he’s had as an adult!) for a new opportunity, said just the other day that he DOESN’T want to be defined by what he does for a living. But as Jen said, above, it’s easy to get caught up in life and before you know it, the everyday-ness defines us. It’s easy to lose sight of the things that matter, and the things that really SHOULD define us, like our beliefs. Thanks for saying this in a way that’s clear and concise! 🙂

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