What Are You Planning To Do?

It is highly unlikely that I would ever cheat on my husband because of what I’ve been through. At least that is what most people think.  But I know otherwise. I know that one slight step off the narrow road I’m called to walk could lead me down a path of temptation and eventually regret.  One disclosing conversation could start an unhealthy relationship with an old friend. One haughty I’m above such a sin mindset could bring about more devastation to my husband and sons than I believe I am capable of handling. And if I’m being real honest with you…it scares the living daylights out of me. Because I know me and I know that sometimes I feed my flesh and discard my spirit.  Also because I have had too many discussions with people who winded up doing things they never imagined doing. Like the young woman who just told her husband last week that she kissed another man and couldn’t, wouldn’t have dreamed that she’d ever done such a thing.  She never planned on it. Or the 55-year old husband, who ditched his wife for a younger woman, was always the picture of marital faithfulness.  “He’d never do such a thing” his friends said about him. While I don’t believe I live a life of fear, I do believe I have a healthy, God-fearing attitude that will help me make choices now before I’m thrown into a circumstance that I didn’t see coming.  I am fully aware that when we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  And trust me when I say this:  I’m not planning to be unfaithful. I’m planning not to.

8 thoughts on “What Are You Planning To Do?”

  1. Craig’s message yesterday really hit my husband and I. Neither of us plans on cheating on the other but when Craig went down the list of five steps to committing adultery, we were both convicted of having taken one or two of those. Especially the neglecting your marriage. One thing I dont’ think anyone prepared us for before marriage was the level of investment we needed to make to keep our marriage thriving. As soon as the sermon was over, my husband walked me out to the car and asked me on a date. 🙂 So while I’m not planning on cheating on the partner God gave me, I AM planning on making a much bigger investment in the relationship so that we can safeguard against that.

    I just thought Craig’s message was SO on time for so many people. I’m so grateful that he holds up that mirror so often. It’s easy to forget that while we don’t plan on getting off a particular path, babysteps are sometimes hard to see.

  2. Thanks Cindy and Chris for putting your story out there so that you can help other couples in the same boat! I’m planning NOT to!

  3. There is planning and there is planning. Adultery though unplanned is not a sin one “stumbles” into. While one is kissing and taking off clothes, one’s conscience is working. It’s a battle of the mind and obedience to God’s word issue.

    I was married once and indeed there are steps to adultery. I passed the test but my ex didn’t. What kept me was gratitude to God and my love for God. I see adultery as a sin and treat it as such. God did say, if you love me, OBEY my commandments (John 14:15).

    When I got saved I made Jesus Lord, that makes me His slave. There are varieties of sins but adultery is plain… if one is grateful to God and submitted to His Lordship, one will flee adultery, fornication and other sexual sins. Never be alone with the opposite sex in an isolated place unless you have signed the marriage license with that person!

  4. Christianity has been described as a decision followed by a process.

    I think marriage is a commitment followed by a commitment, followed by a commitment, followed by a commitment etc.

    After 35 years of marriage, 6 children and 3 grandchildren (I’m praying the rest of my kids figure out the whole let’s get pregnant thing) Sandy and I have determined that for us to stay married requires us to stay committed.

  5. “I’m not planning to” is a good response. Another one an older preacher told me he says, “I’m praying not to.” Adultery is first of all a sin of the heart, and the heart is an unpredictable thing, subject to many temptations that we often aren’t even aware is assailing it.

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