Michael Johns is gone from AI. Didn’t see that one coming. AND The idols sang Shout to the Lord to open the show. Did y’all see it? They said Jesus and everything. Was this the ending song from Idol Gives Back that my TIVO didn’t record? I um, er, uh, am…can’t find the…speechless.

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  1. That was awesome! It was actually the first Idol that I have watched since the auditions. (I’m too caught up in The Biggest Loser). I TiVo’d “Shout to the Lord” and called my husband down to watch it.

  2. Shout to the Lord was the last song (I didn’t get to catch a whole lot of the show) BUT…the first line of the song is “My Jesus, My Savior…” and they sang “My Shepherd, My Savior…” They may have sang Jesus later in the song, but I remember calling my husband in because I was SHOCKED that this song was being sung and that they changed the word.

    Anyway…..my excitement was short lived as the very ending of the show was Ben Stiller coming onto the stage in an empty theatre yelling for Ryan and every other word seemed to be “F” and they just kept having to bleep him out…..was a bit of a let down that they did not just end with that wonderful song!!! (the point was that Ben Stiller showed up at the wrong theatre)

  3. Michael Johns? I am shocked. We were getting our pictures made tonight for our church directory and missed the show. Yes, last night the song was great but it was ruined by Ben Stiller’s foul mouth at the very end. However we never heard the shepherd we heard Jesus plain and clear….whatever they said it was FABULOUS!!!!! I could not believe it, of course and then Ben Stiller came out and they were bleeping him. Last year he missed the show by going to the wrong theatre so this year they carried that over but it really was a blow to ones mind after that great song and then all the expletives…..so indicative of the times.

  4. heart is brokken over micheal leaving – he was my favorite!!! but if he would have sang his song tuesday – the way he did last night he would not have left- i think it is sad that the loser has to sing the song that caused them to get kicked off the show as the leave – instead of their best song-
    also it was shepherd heard by my hubby here at our house – i was just shocked they sang it at all

  5. I saw it when it on the thundering day and have been looking up to see if Jesus is on His way – any moment I am sure!

    ps – link to Marcy’s album – see my site. Love, s

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