We’ve Been Forked, Foiled and Frightened

Recently, my husband and I came home from a wonderful evening with some friends: Chad and Sarah Markley.  We’d had a nice dinner out followed by some coffee and cupcakes.

Now, who doesn’t like coffee and cupcakes?

Imagine our surprise, our heartbreak when we drove up and saw this.

The Bealls get Foiled from Sarah Markley on Vimeo.


Oh, they said it was in the name of love, but is this love?  Does this look like it was done by people who truly care about our family?  I tried to keep the hubby from going after them. (And by “them” I mean his youth pastor, the youth admin and the “key” youth volunteers.) After some time, his anger subsided and we were able to enjoy the rest of our night.

I mean, this pales in comparison, really, to the other times our home has been treated in this sort of way.

There was the time in 2005 when Jerry Hurley, one of Chris’ bosses, came and spray painted “OU #1” in our front yard.

In the fall.

When the grass is no longer growing.


Good thing for us Longhorn fanatics is that was the year we went on to beat USC for the national championship.  We eventually turned that #1 into #19 since OU clearly did not show up to play football that year.


And we can’t forget the time that this girl and this girl forked us.  IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

The hubby and I went to support our oldest child, Noah, at summer camp…to see the spiritual transformation in him…to be a part of a special night…all the while, our home was being treated with contempt.

Who does that sort of thing?

These two do:

The BFF’s “How To” Vlog—How to “Visit” a Friend from Natalie Witcher on Vimeo.

All we try to do is love people, help people, be good parents and do our best to follow Jesus with our whole lives.  And in return, we are forked, we are foiled and for the love, we are frightened.

What’s next?

And when does it stop?

Pray for us.

9 thoughts on “We’ve Been Forked, Foiled and Frightened”

  1. Blessed are those to whom people do all sorts of harmless vandalism in the name of friendship.

    Look at is this way, plastic forks and knives, tin foil… all you need now is some hobo dinner fixin’s and you’re ready for camping! We were doin’ you a favor.

  2. Count it as a blessing that it was only foil!!! Here are some of the ‘blessings’ we received from being in youth ministry…our SWITCHERS used to do some pretty crazy things to us (and we have pictures to prove all of the following):

    • Krispy Kreme doughnut hole DOUGH (removed from their dumpster, mind you) dumped and covered over our entire lawn (and in the rear of Todd’s truck–which got STUCK there). HUGE mess to clean up!

    • TWO to THREE INCHES OF SHREDDED PAPER SNOW dumped all over our front yard which took a good four hours to entirely clean up with FOUR people working (many thanks to Brook James and to one of our neighbors who helped with the cleanup). We actually got out our vacuum cleaner–I’m for sure that our neighbors thought we were nuts. Did I mention that the grass was damp?

    • A washing machine, a bowling ball, a big easy chair, a satellite dish, a big rack of empty Dr. Pepper glass bottles, and a plethora of other things left on our front lawn at 2 a.m.—ON THE MORNING WE WERE LEAVING TO GO TO SUMMER CAMP! Oh and a creative sign to go with it which said, “Take Some, Leave Some: Neighborhood Swap Exchange.” …We actually caught them this time.

    • A DEAD CAT on our front doorstep with nasty sardines spread all around (we drew the line there)!

    • Hundreds and hundreds of brightly colored sticky notes wallpapered to our house/garage door and Todd’s truck to spell out words (at least the words were “We love you” & “You rock!” and many of the sticky notes had heartfelt notes on them). That took quite a while to clean up.

    • We’ve been “Yarned”…our entire house/lawn/Todd’s truck (man–we need to get that thing in the garage) all connected and intertwined by yards and yards of YARN!

    • Our yard has been strewn with new packages of fancy Wal-Mart underwear

    • Our home has also been “Saran-Wrapped”

    • We have received a few of the more traditional/old school “toilet paper wrappings”

    • We have had MIDNIGHT PEEPERS into our upper 12 foot windows (you know…the ones that aren’t covered with blinds or curtains).

    • The INSIDE of our house has also been “done”…plastic wrap on our toilets, rubber band around our kitchen sink ‘sprayer,’ vaseline in more places than we’d like to count, a near explosion in our back yard during a Switch Group (yes, that came to a quilt halt from ever happening again)…

    • How much space do I have to keep going??? 🙂

  3. hmmmm…… should I warn my friends that are moving down next week???? : ) All in the name of love. Interesting How-To Vidoe!

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