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Weigh what you say for you can build up or tear down.

When it comes to your words, what’s your go to? Is it gentle encouragement, crass humor, rude sarcasm, loving kindness or intellectual harassment? As people, we typically have a “go to” when it comes to our words. So, what’s yours?

One of the things I don’t like about myself is the amount of words I have to say. All the words, oh, all the words. There are just so many words that leave my lips. I can waiver between gentle encouragement and loving kindness with a dash or five of rude sarcasm on any given day. I like the me that says nice, helpful things but I dislike the me that does the opposite.

Weigh what you say for you can build up or tear down.

How do we keep ourselves from tearing down with our words? I believe it’s about staying connected to the Vine, Jesus Christ. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? John 15 is a beautiful chapter about how we are do to this and not only how, but that it is possible. According to verse six, if we “remain in Him, we will bear much fruit.” I want to bear the fruit that brings glory to Jesus not only in what I do but also what I say.

One way to stay connected to Christ throughout our day is to have an ongoing dialogue with Him. Talking to or asking questions of Him just like I would a friend. And in regard to our words, maybe we consider the following questions:

  • Am I going to regret saying this?
  • Is there a better way to say this?
  • Are these words going to encourage or discourage?
  • Will what I say help or harm?

You will not get this right 100% of the time. How do I know? Because you’re a human being. But don’t let partial success in this keep you from making a daily effort to be a life-bringer to all whom you encounter.

Weigh what you say for you can build up or tear down.

Today’s Reading
Prov. 15:4
John 15:1-17
Eph. 4:29


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