7 thoughts on “Week Of Awesomeness”

  1. The journal is beautiful! I journal my conversations with God almost every day.
    I was unable to journal for almost 6 mo after my dad died due to massive tears.
    My prayer for 2010 is to continue my journaling.

  2. I would start a journal for Emery my precious little sweet girl.. She is journaled in my own personal journal but I need to be more diligent about making one special for her..
    or I might just give it away to my best gal pal who just had here third girl and loves to write.

    cool things:)
    and I love you Cindy!

  3. I have been journaling what God is teaching me through the Daniel Fast. I am completing day 25 of 40 today. I want to continue the daily journaling after the fast is over.

    Thanks, Cindy. I love your website.

    Sondra Danner

  4. I would use the journal to write down what I pray for each and everyday. I have a journal I keep for what God speaks into me and shows me in his word but would love to keep a journal separate for the people and specific things that I pray for.

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