Week of Awesomeness

Week Of Awesomeness – “Z as in Zebra”

cindybeallawesomeness Friends, have I got a treat for you.  My sweet friend, Abbi, has talent out the wazoo.  THE WAZOO.  Seriously, y’all.  She makes cakes and books and all sorts of goodies.  And today…she has graciously donated a handmade book for one of you to win! Hold the applause. Okay, well, clap just a little. Abbi got married last summer and is now with child so she is building up her business so that she can stay home and raise this little youngun.  So, if you want to purchase some creative gifts for your friends and family members, her website is the place to go.  Check it out here: Z as in Zebra. Today’s giveaway is this beautiful journal.  The book is hard-cover, wrapped in flocked (fuzzy) and pearlescent paper. It features emerald green satin ribbon ties. The pages are approximately 8.5″ x 8.5″ and aren’t lined.  It’s perfect  for sketching, journaling, or scrap booking. Journal Exactly. And if that amazing journal isn’t enough to smile about, just look at this picture of her & baby on the way: abbiUh. Door. Uh. Bull. If you win this journal, what would you write in it? Answer the question below and I will randomly choose a winner and announce said winner on Friday, January 29th!

45 thoughts on “Week Of Awesomeness – “Z as in Zebra””

  1. I would probably keep something in it like all the measurements and scraps of fabric and paint chips to the new house so when I am out and about I have all the information…..

    Or I would keep gardening infomation – what planted and where and how it did, just like Thomas Jefferson did, but mine would be cuter than his….

    Or I would keep animal info – chickens and how they did….sheep and wool produced….water buffalo and how the mozzarella was 🙂

  2. I love Abbi’s books. I do believe that I have bought a library of them. I have even sent them overseas to friends.

    I would use it as a photo album. 4×6 Pictures, Black Picture Corners and a Black Calligraphy Pen. That would be all I need to turn it into a special keepsake. It has a beautiful Black-Tie look. I think I would fill it with some of my favorite pictures of Ryan. Chronicile special memories of his life. I would like to make it for his future wife. Cause you know I am just going to love her!

    I think that is what I would do with it. 🙂

  3. I would journal about my 90 days through the bible. I am on a 90 pilgrimage (or reading plan) through the bible and would journal my way through the laws of Leviticus and the poetry of the Psalms. Never read the entire bible. Certainly never all in 90 days. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

  4. What a CUTE book! I would write down EV-E-RY-THING I eat…just so I can have some sort of accountability for what I put in my mouth. It really helps! And…I would keep track of allllll the exercise I do. Whew…I feel better just thinking about it. yep…thats what I would write in that pretty little book.

  5. Awesomeness! I love that baby picture! I would use the journal to write down nice things about my husband. Things my girls can look back on and read things that they had forgotten and share those memories with their kids. I’ve often thought of doing this but that is as far as I’ve gotten!

  6. I think I would probably make it an awesome scrapbook gift… and it would be for my Sister In Law, because she would most enjoy the awesomeness of that journal! 🙂

  7. I would use it for scrapbooking. Or I may give it to one of my beautiful BS girls. They are sk awesome and bless me so much that I want to bless them! How fun to bless one of them with this beautiful book!

  8. Hmmmmm, I might write my BS notes in that journal. OR I’d use it to write my dinner menus each week and my grocery lists. Just because ithey’re groceries doesn’t mean they can’t have a cute notebook…

  9. Beautiful! IBoth journal and Mommy to be. 🙂
    have been meaning to create my own journal this month to use for my sermon notes. To use during services to take notes, and to go back on and reflect on in the week after. This would be perfect for me to use.

  10. Easy Question!! My husband leaves the USA this week to head to Afghanistan…so I would journal our year apart, so he could read it when he returns at the end of the year 🙂

  11. You started off your week of awesomeness with Abbi and I don’t know how you are going to top her! I would use it to journal this new phase of life as missionaries that we are beginnning. 🙂

  12. I would write letters to my husband. My husband who is currenty so lost in a life of sin and deception that he is unreachable…by me…by our kids…by anyone except God. So i would write to him. I would write all of the things I want him to know…need him to know. Big things…little things….everyday, mundane things. Things about our kids–what they ate, funny things they said, a new toy they wished they had. I would write about my thoughts, my feelings, my love for him…all of the things I would be telling him if he was laying beside me in bed at night. I would write about my wishes, my dreams, my prayers for him, for us, for our family. I would write everything down, so that when God brings him home, he will have memories waiting for him.

  13. That looks great!! I would use that journal to write the story of my path to freedom from food addiction. It’s bound to be a tale wrought with trials, tribulations, temptations and triumphs. In my head, it’s riveting. 🙂

  14. I don’t want to enter myself into the contest for winning this journal 1. because my friend actually gifted me a new prayer journal today! and 2. because after reading these comments, there are some ladies who have come here that I think absolutely deserve to win this journal more than I. I love the idea of putting pictures of your son together to gift to your future daughter-in-law. That so speaks to me because I never got to meet my mother-in-law. She passed away in the midst of the long-distance journey of my husband and I’s falling in love. I also love the idea of writing down all the things you love about your husband for your children to read someday. I would have loved that! My parents divorced when I was 11 and they weren’t fond of each other since I was 3. I should do something like that for my future children someday! And lastly, I love the idea of writing to your lost husband all the sweet memories of life and of all the love that is in your heart for him regardless of his distance from God. Stephanie, may the Lord bless your dedication and love for your husband! Thanks for doing this Cindy. Cool stuff!

  15. I ordered 4 journals from Abbi for Christmas gifts. My children are grown and married or getting married. I ordered the journals for them…. I wanted each couple to have a “legacy journal”. In their journal I wanted them to share their dreams, prayers over each other and their children (or future children) and love letters to each other. I would have loved to look over a book that my grandparents (both gone now) would have written in….. to see what a christ-centered marriage would look like. After ordering for my children I always thought I should have got my own “legacy journal” for me and my husband – never did…… here is my chance 🙂

  16. It is perfect for a guestroom journal for Emerald Nights at the Arcadian Inn. Guests love to read the comments/stories/and testimonies previous guests leave in the journals. Some of the stories make you laugh, some make you cry and almost all make you glad to be there.

    I would be honored to have Abbi’s journals in our Guestrooms. Thank you for sharing about her and blessings on her business and on their family!


  17. I’ve been wanting to start a journal of Blessings- To write down all the amazing blessings we get from the Lord, that CANNOT be explained my human doings alone. I write them all down on the computer, but wanted to start a journal to leave my kids a legacy when they grow up. I want them to know that without a doubt, they are here and were provided for with God’s blessings!

  18. I would share the journal with my daughter, a budding artist, who fills any journal I bring home with drawings, lyrics, thoughts, designs, ideas, etc.

  19. I would carry it in my purse and keep my notes/grocery list in it so I could show everyone what I won and tell them about this website when they ask where I got this caa ute journal!! 🙂

  20. So cute! I would write a mixture of prayers, sermon notes, and random tidbits of the day. I love journals and go through them way too fast!!

  21. I would use it is a journal, writing prayer requests, notes to my husband to give to him on our 1 year anniversary in may, and also to write quotes of encouragement for him and our marriage.

  22. Verrrrry cute! I’ve been thinking about starting a journal to write to my baby girl that is due in just 6 weeks. I think something like this would be perfect AND stylish 🙂

  23. I would definitely use that beautiful book as a prayer journal, a place to re-write sermon notes as I let God continue to work that message into my heart days, weeks or months after the sermon…notes from Bible study and funny “quotables” from my kids, reasons to be thankful for my husband, my hopes, dreams & more. It’s beautiful!

  24. The book is so beautiful! I would use it as an art journal type book for all the awesome things my baby does and will say in the future!

  25. I would write down the funny things my kids say. I have been saying for a while that I want to get a journal to write those down in and just haven’t. I need to before I get too old to remember all the cute and precious things they say!!

  26. I would journal my prayers for my husband to be reconciled and journal how God is using me in his lift to bring him and our marriage healing. Then, when healing has happened, I can look back on it and recognize God’s faithfulness for the next “journey” He takes us on. It’s a beautiful journal!!

  27. Hmm……I haven’t kept a journal in years. However I think 2010 is going to be a year of much growth for me. I have recently reconciled with my ex-husband (and somehow a blog listed in a blog listed in a blog led me to you….after reading your story I know this wasn’t by coincidence and I am truly thankful), have returned to my faith, and have some personal goals for the year having to do with my budget and running. I would use the journal as a way to record my journey through 2010. In fact, now since I’ve written this, I KNOW I have to start a journal (whether I win or not)! Thank you for leading me to this realization!

  28. That apron is darling! Let me say that gain, dah…ling! My favorite thing to make for my fam? Turkey tacos, of course! Easy and pretty healthy too!

  29. I journal ever day so I would fill this beautiful journal with GOD’s life-giving WORD. (I can’t give it to others unless I have it in my own heart, right?)
    What a beautiful blessed week this is going to be for the winners! Thanks Mith Thindy for being so thoughtful and generous and blessings to everyone who contributed their talents!
    Love you and praying for you and yours…..

  30. I am blessed to live just down the street from 4 of my grands and see them everyday. Daily I would write one of their pearls of wisdom so that their Mom can always remember these sweet days!

  31. I would write – as honestly as I can muster – my thoughts on my relationship with Jesus & how it affects every aspect of my life, especially raising my three boys. I would include an occasional picture & would give it to my grown boys & their wives with the instruction to carry on the tradition for their little ones. I fully plan on including the bad stuff to help showcase that while Christ is our Savior our sanctification can be an ugly, fitful process. I’d try to encourage them to keep their eyes on our Lord & finish the race. Hopefully this would begin a sincere & transparent legacy for our family as we walk with HIM.

  32. I would write one verse of inspiration, and then give it away to a friend who is beginning her journey with the Lord.

  33. Abbi’s work rocks. She’s got so much talent I feel blessed just by knowing her as a college friend! If I won this book, I would write more often. My thoughts are jumbled up in my head and I have a hard time expressing them. Expression is often lacking in today’s society… not by means of dress or hair or physical expression, I mean verbal expression. Expressing myself on paper might help me to be more verbally expressive. What I would write would be personal- but possibly things I could share with my husband, and my future baby (as I’m due the same month as Abbi!) Anyway, working on verbal expression… that would be my goal.

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