Week of Awesomeness

Week of Awesomeness – “Pink Licorice”

cindybeallawesomeness I have a precious friend who makes me laugh.  A lot.  Not only does she make me laugh, but she is one woman after God’s heart.  She’s funny, loves Jesus and is very creative.  Just look at this: apron See what I’m talkin’ about?  A little bit of awesome, isn’t it? Today’s giveaway is an apron that Kim made ALL BY HER LONESOME.  And not just any plain apron, but one with not one, not two, no ma’am but three sets of ruffles.  Who doesn’t love herself some ruffles?  She’s got some mad skills, I tell you. Kim is a funny writer on her personal blog but also has a blog of the items she makes.  I know it’s only January, but she stopped taking orders for Christmas early because she had so many!  So go check out her site right now: pink licorice And if the apron doesn’t get you, then this picture of her family will. heineckes Close to perfection, no? Now, for your chance to win this darlin’ apron, tell me your favorite thing to cook in the comments below. The winner will be announced on Friday, January 29th!

63 thoughts on “Week of Awesomeness – “Pink Licorice””

  1. I love to cook so many things it’s hard to narrow it down, but I’ll go with a family favorite: homemade pizza. In fact, I’m making the dough now (in the bread machine) for us to eat tonight for supper. My girls love to help roll it out, spread out the sauce and sprinkle on the cheese. Mike and I add sausage and veggies to ours. It’s simple, but good!

  2. Me and five of my friends do grande cooking. We cook for a month in one day so that dinner time and family time are not missed due to cooking every night. I would the cook of the day at on my grande cooking day. Very Cute!

  3. well darn….my husband has taken over the cooking since we re-married…..I can make one mean sandwich though 🙂 (and I do know how to make fetticinie alfredo from scratch)

  4. Holy Cow look at all these comments! Ok…I would make Peanut butter pie….it’s like to die for girl. Though it’s not on my diet right now…but some day I will make another. 🙂

  5. my favorite thing to cook is one of my favorites to eat as well! an amazing Hungarian chicken paprika recipe poured over homemade spaetzel (noodles). DELICIOUS!

  6. that apron is darling. i love it!

    i would classify myself more as a baker than a cook. i love to make cookies, bars, desserts. our cookie jar is never empty. i make chocolate chip cookies at least once a week.

    i do like to cook but i don’t know that i have a favorite thing to cook… i just enjoy feeding people.

  7. I LOVE to bake…I’m currently learning how to be a premier cake decorator! I just love being in the kitchen period and my favorite thing to cook is anything that will make my Husband give me props because he’s a good cook too! Last thing that I was really proud of was Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cinnammon Rum Frosting…can you say YUMMY!!!

  8. my two favorites: mexican.. anything mexican and the second is chicken and spinach lasagna with french bread.
    I made both this week!

  9. this apron is absolutely adorable!
    don’t really cook much but when i do my family loves my chicken enchiladas. i’d rather be baking something sweet like chocolate chip cookies =)

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