Week of Awesomeness

Week of Awesomeness – Author & Speaker, Lisa Whittle

cindybeallawesomeness I met Lisa through the Internet a while ago.  And then I got to meet her face-to-face in November.  I loved her through emails and blogging, but just squeezed the ever-lovin’ life out of her when I finally saw her beautiful, peaches ‘n cream skin up close and personal. (Even if it was over Mexican food.) lisa Lisa is married to Scott, a senior pastor, and is a published author and speaker.  She is a firecracker and full of wisdom.  She shares her life and experiences with people by writing and speaking at different conferences.  She is currently working on her 3rd book that is sure to bless many. As many of you know, I’ve been on a journey to publish my book.  Lisa has taken the time to not only encourage me to press on but also to give me pointers and so much insight into the publishing world.  She didn’t have to do that for lil ole me, but she did.  I love that about her. Her first two books are The Seven Hardest Things God Asks A Woman To Do (Shepherd Press, 2007) and Behind Those Eyes:  What’s Really Going On Inside The Souls of Women (Thomas Nelson, 2008). You are eligible to win these two books if you will tell me a couple of things: What is your favorite book?  Who is your favorite speaker? The winner of Lisa’s books will be chosen on Friday, January 29th!

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  1. My favorite book comes in a series: The Power of a Praying…Wife, Parent, and Woman. My favorite speaker is Joyce Meyer! She convinces my spirit that God really loves me and He has a plan for my life. She teaches rather than preaches! I love her down to earth tone and it snaps me back into reality. I have learned alot from her lessons!

  2. First of all, I’m so glad I found your site. Thank you for being the real deal. I’m in huge need of that right now.

    Ok, my favorite book right this second is “Same Kind of Different as Me.” LOVED IT. Still pondering it all.

    My favorite speaker is Beth Moore. She has changed me and taught me so much through her studies.

    Have a great day Cindy!

  3. Ummm…Beth Moore and pretty much anything she’s written? Not very original so let me think of someone a little less obvious…

    Speaker: Wendy Tooley, without a doubt
    Book: What’s the title of your book going to be again? 😉 O.K., already published ones, let me think let me think… How about “You are Special”, a children’s book by Max Lucado. Yep, that’s it. Love it!

  4. Favorite book: Crazy Love by Francis Chan
    Favorite speaker: James MacDonald and Beth Moore are neck and neck!
    I love to read…so it was very hard to choose 1 book!
    Thanks Cindy for your ministry!

  5. 1. Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    2. Speaker: I am loving Anne Graham Lotz right now.

    I love to study and read anything Beth Moore…also love her as a speaker. But, right now, this is where I am.


  6. Ecclesiastes – even though its part of another book 🙂

    Speaker: Rick Atchley – preacher in FTW ….although Newt Gingrich can give a really REALLY good speech – go figure.

  7. (((CINDY))) How are you! Miss ya girl!

    Got to get in on your week of awesomeness!!!!

    Favorite books…
    Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize (very encouraging to anyone trying to conceive or just wants to know Gods promises to believers for childbirth)

    Twilight (had to say it.. got sucked in!)

    Anything by Janet Oak (the first book read was “The Courtship” FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY)

    I also love Beth Moore and Kay Arthur

    Thanks for being so awesome in your sharing of your testimony!!! You are a wonderful vessel for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

    Joan Curtis

  8. Favorite book….hmm. I like lots of them, but I’m going to be a bit non-spiritual and admit that I’m a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks book.

    Favorite speaker is gonna have to be Beth Moore.

  9. My favorite book is Every Heart Restored by Stephen Arterburn and Brenda & Fred Stoeker. It helped me so so much when my husband admitted to committing adultery. It talks about the nature of men and how you aren’t resposible fo what your husband did. I struggled with wondering what I did to make him stray. It’s such a good book.

    My favorite speaker is Perry Noble. He is down to Earth and puts the Bible in everyday plain English, and he is so funny! He doesn’t care if he makes someone mad with hi sermons and tells it like it is! Check him out!

  10. My favorite book, first and foremost, is the bible. You just can’t get a better self-help book than the word! Otherwise, I would have to say The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I read it and got so many spiritual insights about my life, my purpose, and how to live in the simplicity of things. I have read it many times, even in Spanish!

  11. Hi Cindy! My favorite book at the moment is “The Help”. I am also finally beginning my quest to read the bible all the way through. My favorite speaker is Beth Moore.

  12. Oh how i love a good book….John Grisham’s “A Painted House” is one of my all time favorites, and my favorite “church” read is “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala.

    I can listen to sweet little Beth Moore talk all day long, i heart her.

  13. Hi Cindy! Lisa’s books sound great! I’d love to get my head in them!

    I have so many books close to my heart, but the first one that comes to mind is probably Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge. That book marked the beginning of my journey into believing was God has to say about me and not the world. It was a big must for the point of life I was in!

    My favorite speaker would be a toss-up between Beth Moore and Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 ministries. Beth Moore keeps my attention with history and facts unlike anyone else can and I love Lysa’s realness and tales of life experiences. I enjoy reading both of their blogs.

    By the way, good luck on your quest to choose winners for this week of Awesomeness, because I think half the awesomeness is the mix of women coming to your blog! xoxo

  14. My favorite book is The Shack. My husband had just been laid off unexpectedly from his job and someone handed it to me. It was the absolute perfect time to read it and the story has stuck with me. What an amazing story of God’s love and grace.

    As for my favorite speaker, I have to say Priscilla Shirer. I had never heard of her until I attended Deeper Still in early December. She rocked my world! She is such a gifted communicator.

  15. Oooohh..this is a tough one!! I love to read! However, the book that has most changed my life (outside the Bible of course) is Every Womans Battle…rocked my world and opened my eyes to some weak areas of my life.

    As for speakers, Beth Moore is one of my all time faves, but I haven’t had the opportunity to hear many…..Louie Giglio! How can you go wrong there?!

  16. My favorite book is Keeping a Princess Heart or Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson.

    And my favorite speaker is Nicole Johnson. She’s amazing at the Women of Faith conferences!!!

  17. My Fav book……. the bible……. OF COURSE!!!
    My Fav speaker….. hands down ….. give it up for Beth Moore!

  18. Recently my favorite book has been the bible. I love being able to type that! I’m currently on a “read the bible in a year” plan and can’t wait every evening to read!

    My all-time favorite speaker is Father Matthew Conrad at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Atascadero, California.

  19. I’m a sucker for a good John Grisham novel. My favorite is The Painted House, and Skipping Christmas. As for my favorite speaker, I love, love, love Christine Caine!! She is a spit fire but I love her!!!

  20. My favorite (recent) book is “Going Rogue” by Sarah Palin. An eye-opener for sure!
    My favorite speaker? Hands down it would be Beth Moore! Love that woman!

  21. Favorite book- Crazy Love by Francis Chan because it was a life changer of my heart!
    Runner up fav book- Stepping Heavenward by Mrs E. Prentiss

    Favorite speaker- Beth Moore or Tim Keller (only seen him speak live on web)


  22. Thank you for this opportunity, Cindy! I am a new follower and do so appreciate your willingness to be open and candid in sharing of yourself in your blog. God bless you!

    Being the mother of two little guys (2 yrs & 9 mos) and working full-time, I haven’t actually finished a book in over two years. (Confession!) However, I have started many and I would have to say the most thought-provoking is the one I have recently begun, “Full Gospel, Fractured Minds?” by Rick Nanez. My favorite read, though, is Becky Freeman Johnson’s “It’s Fun to be a Mom”. It’s a perfect companion for my morning devotional (and I may even finish it!)

    Sadly, I haven’t been to many conferences or heard many speakers. I have found many great suggestions in the other comments; I’ll have to check some of those out! I do very much enjoy the teachings and challenges of Pastor Jentzen Franklin.

  23. I’m a huge dork and my favorite book(s) are the Harry Potter series; I know! I did love Crazy Love by Francis Chan which I read with my Life Group last fall!

    I suppose my favorite speaker is Craig Groeschel.

  24. i just reread Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers – definitely a favorite. i love to read and don’t know that i have an absolute favorite book. i am always open to new suggestions on books and authors. i am looking forward to seeing what other readers state as their favorites.

    as for speakers, i love beth moore. i have also heard ann graham lotz and enjoyed her as well. right now i have been listening to dave ramsey and francis chan on my ipod while i run. they definitely “keep me company” and make the time go very quickly.

  25. I believe I am reading my favorite book right now: “The Red Sea Rules – 10 God given strategies for difficult times” by Robert Morgan. It is an amazing book that I believe I will continue to pick up many times in my life.

    It’s SO hard to narrow down my favorite speaker but I would probably say James McDonald – He is UH-MAY-ZING!!! I do have to say though – the messages I have downloaded by your very own Craig Groeschel are right next to James McDonald! 🙂

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these books1 🙂

  26. So hard to choose a favorite…
    “Where Yesterday Lives” by Karen Kingsbury was incredibly healing for a fiction book a few years ago, but most of hers are…
    I ‘m reading “Grace Walk” by Steve McVey right now which is quickly rising to the top as I struggle to make new sense of my faith. Where legalism once ruled, confusion now resides…

    Beth Moore…most encouraging, educating, and inspiring speaker I know of.

    I love your blog.

  27. oooooooh, I’d love to read those books. Pick me! Pick me!
    My favorite book is whatever I’m reading at the moment. It changes weekly. Speaker? hmmmm, not sure.

  28. Book: Bible of course, and then “Crazy Love” (Francis Chan) or The Uncommon Man (Susie Larson)

    Speaker: Beth Moore, Rob Bell, Andy Stanley and of course my husband who has been a minister for 20 years

  29. Favorite book…I have to choose just ONE??? Anything by Karen Kingsbury…but probably my all-time favorite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

    Favorite speaker…Bono. Grew up loving U2 and then got to hear Bono speak at a Willowcreek Leadership Summit simulcast about his heart for the church to be a part of the poverty problem. Rocked my world.

  30. Oh, goodness…I so don’t do favorites. Here are few books that I really like that come to mind: The Mark of the Lion Series and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, Narnia, and Hinds Feet in High Places. As for speakers….Francis Chan, Pete Wilson, Andy Stanley, Erwin McManus and really anyone who just speaks God’s truth in a powerful way. Those are my thoughts right now, but they may change in a minute 🙂

  31. Choosing a favorite book is like asking me to choose a favorite child. But…. two that have stood out to me are “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini.

    Favorite Speaker? Probably my brother in law, Juan Galloway. He is a pastor and speaker and has an incrediible heart for the poor. He’s on staff at New York City Relief which is a nonprofit that feeds, clothes, and prays for thousands of homeless in the NYC area. Check it out!: http://www.nycr.org (shameless plug)

  32. Cindy,

    One of my favorite books would have to be “Redeeming Love.”
    It is such a beautiful story and it relates to our Heavenly Fathers love for us that redeems us.
    One of my favorite speakers would be Jentezen Franklin. I love he uncompromisingly delivers the word of God.

  33. Favorite Book: “And the Shofar Blew” by Francine Rivers

    Favorite Speaker: Well, Beth Moore, of course.

  34. so hard to choose a favorite book but a few that come to mind that i read recently ~” Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers & “BECOMING MORE than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst

    favorite speaker ~ Beth Moore

  35. My favorite book is ‘Pride and Prejudice’, and my favorite speakers are Beth Moore (looks like I’m in good company here) and Matt Chandler.

  36. I dont have one favorite book but a few that really changed me are:
    Sacred Marriage
    Pursuit of Holiness
    Objects of His Affection
    and of course Little Women!

    funny I had her first book on my list to read.

    thanks cindy!

  37. Does “IN Style” magazine count? hee hee
    I love to hear Ms. Dusty Takle speak…her heart is pretty, pretty & full of Jesus!
    And she is kind of funny.

  38. Hello There, I am new at this, don’t have my own blog, but am praying about that. I am loving reading blogs written by sisters in Christ and have followed Lisa’s for a few weeks now and saw her clue about the giveaway. My favorite book is without a doubt God’s Holy Word. I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning to grab my coffee and sit with Him and read my bible, His breath on coming from every page. I also loved the book by Elizabeth George “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” I haven’t heard a lot of women speakers but love to hear Beth Moore and enjoy her bible studies also. I am anxious to start reading your blog now, thanks for serving our Mighty God through this ministry.

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