We Were Fine In ’89

Everyone had their class motto and song back in high school, right?  My 350+ graduating class in Georgetown, Texas, certainly did.  As we departed the doors of the buildings that housed our coming into adulthood that May day, we were singing Rod Stewart’s Forever Young.  Well, maybe not really, but sort of.  After all, it was our song.

This weekend I get to see some of those old classmates because 2009 marks 20 years of my being out of high school. I’ll be back at my old stomping grounds catching up with the people who’ve known me most of my life.

(I know I don’t look a day over 31.)


But I am over 31.  I am 38 years and 360 days old to be exact.

I’m excited to see some old friends but am thankful that we’ve already connected via (the) Facebook.  So much fun.

I thought I would give you a that was then, this is now view of me.

Long live puffy bangs!



11 thoughts on “We Were Fine In ’89”

  1. You are even more beautiful 20 years later!! I just had my 25th and it was a blast! Have fun!! I so enjoy reading your blog, you are usually the first one I check every morning! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Cindy Beall why do your eyes look brown in high school? Is there something you’re not telling us? 🙂 I hope I look as good as you when I’m that close to 39.

    Have fun!

  3. You have only improved with age, my sister. May that be said of all of us! When I see all of these 80s styles coming back, I think, “Doesn’t anyone realize how ridiculous we looked the first time around?” 🙂 Let’s hear it for parachute pants, rolled jeans, and Esprit!

    Much love,
    Nikki, Class of ’91, with hair larger than my head

  4. Kim, must have been the poor photo quality. That and the bigness of my pupils. Mybaby blues have been blue all my life.

    Scouts honor.

  5. You are lovely– with or without puffy bangs. =)
    I always tried to get mine as high as they could possibly stand, but somehow they never looked just right. So glad those days are over!

  6. You were beautiful in high school…but you are STUNNING now!! Really…the joy and peace of Jesus just exudes from your eyes!! Have so much fun at your reunion!!

  7. Cindy,

    Your eye color is different. Cosmetic contacts?

    I agree with whoever said you are more beautiful 20 yrs later.

  8. Attention friends: Never worn contacts or colored contacts a day in my life.

    My eyes, they are blue, lol. However, I think they look bluer now than they did in 1989. I am certain our camera technologies have come a long way.

    That is all. Carry on.

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