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We can’t let our expectations of life cause us to miss the experiences in life.


We all have them. We do.

Kim Heinecke, one of my most cherished friends says, “The key to happiness is expectation management.”

She. Nailed. It.

We get so preoccupied with what we expect to happen and how we expect life to turn out that we find ourselves miserable because said expectations don’t pan out the way we assume they will. We are so miserable, in fact, that we miss out on what is actually occurring.

We can’t let our expectations of life cause us to miss the experiences in life.

So how does one remedy the beast of managing expectations?

  1. Aim low. I know, I know, this goes against everything you’re taught. “Expect the best!” or “Aim for the stars!” people say. There is no problem with wanting a full and rewarding life. But when you place unreasonable expectations on a human being, experience, goal or dream, you will most assuredly be disappointed at some point. Be careful that your expectations don’t rob you of potential, unexpected joy. Example: My oldest son is getting married soon, which means I will gain a daughter! I do not have expectations of them doing things on my time frame, in my way or according to my desires. It is not about me. What are my expectations of Noah and Ella? Just to be in a healthy relationship with them. When this occurs, I will be able to enjoy the experiences that come upon our paths.
  2. Be grateful. Isn’t this the antidote for just about everything? Scripture is full of commands that we are to “give thanks” or “be grateful.” Why? Because gratitude changes us from the inside out. Example: Life is busy for most people. So instead of being frustrated that I don’t have the perfect Christmas celebration on December 25th, I will choose to be thankful that my family can celebrate on the day we find that works for everyone.

I have witnessed more people disappointed in their lives because what they wanted and expected didn’t come to pass. Yet, the thing that did occur was equally as powerful and meaningful. They just could not see it. I was this way in my earlier years. But with each year that I gain, I have learned to manage my expectations, which can be unrealistic and somewhat irrational.

Are you placing unrealistic expectations on your life and on the people in your life? If so, chances are that there is an internal void you are attempting to fill. I encourage you to search your heart and then ask God to search it deeper.

We can’t let our expectations of life cause us to miss the experiences in life.

Today’s Reading
Phil. 4:6-7
Col. 3:16-17
1 Thess. 5:18


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