Warning: Embarassing Confession Ahead

I sing a lot. A lot. So much so that I usually sing in the car and I make facial expressions and even hand gestures.  The passersby often stare.  Especially if it’s a song by Barbara Streisand or Karen Carpenter. Oh, how I love Karen Carpenter.  There.  I said it. And I’m a little embarrassed.   Your turn. Share something embarrassing, please. Please?

27 thoughts on “Warning: Embarassing Confession Ahead”

  1. This “confession” makes me love you even more! The Carpenters Christmas album is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Oh yeah, and I grew up singing songs from “Funny Girl” and “Yentyl”. So you’re not alone in your love…
    As for something embarrassing about me, when I was in 6th grade I memorized nearly 100 digits of pi (yes, as in 3.14…) for extra credit on a math test. NERD ALERT. And I still remember over 50 digits of it to this day. Weird what useless information my brain chooses to hold onto…

  2. “You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
    Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine oh yeah
    You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
    See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen –

    ABBA – way more embarrassing than Karen Carpenter…

  3. I love the Carpenter’s! I am a musician and she was one of the first singers I loved to listen too when I was a little girl.

    Hmm…what song goes on in my brain that I wouldn’t sing all the time….

    Alone by Heart(love that song in the 80’s)
    Get Your Head in the Game(high school musical…yep…bad)


  4. I don’t get embarrassed much. I come from the school of thought that if something makes you feel embarrassed take up a notch until those around you are more embarrassed.

    I know people have been embarrassed for me, but the only times I’ve been really embarrassed is when I’ve done something that was hurtful to others. And that I have done more often than I would like.


  5. Love Barbara Streisand, love Karen Carpenter. I even love Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra even though they were before my time … were too! I even like the Beegees and Abba.

  6. Come on! I FED MY FAMILY WEEDS. lol.

    And once while on stage singing at a graduation, a duet, the guy I was singing with messed up the verse we were on….which made me shout “O GOSH” into the microphone and proceed to HIDE behind the podium. I hid behind the podium. During the song. During the graduation. What was I thinking?

  7. cannot sing.. you don’t want to hear me sing.

    okay.. confession:

    when I talk on the phone.. I flutter my hands explaining my point and nod my head, like they can see it.

    I like John Denver

  8. Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? Just like me, they long to be….close to you.

    la lala la la, close to you.

    everyone, sing along….

    la lala la la, close to youuu oooooh.

    I’m a fan and proud.

  9. you know, when i saw the title of this post in my rss feed reader, I just HAD to stop by!!! What an amazing confession. I can even imagine the “Passer-by” looking and laughing…er, smiling, at your grand adventure in the sing-song world w/ an imaginary ball bouncing over the lyrics in your mind…what fun!
    My embarrassing confession??? I don’t like to wear too many clothes when I clean…ah-hem. There’s logic here, really…my thought is that when I clean, I want everything to be clean…I don’t want dirty clothes to immediately consume the empty hamper. yep. I have issues.

  10. John Denver, Abba, Barry Manilow love to sing with them. That would be music that I listen to w/o the hubby 🙂

    Embarrassing: my son plays football and I can’t tell you what position he plays (I just cannot learn it)

    The two concerts I saw in college were Poison & Michael W. Smith. (Poison was bad in concert)

  11. Flatuation pretty much has a mind of it’s own… if I bend over in the grocery store, I have to look left and right or someone will hear me rip one as I reach for the fam sized box of Cheerios. It just releases. I cant help it anymore. Does birth to twins give me an excuse?


  12. Let’s see…
    One time I kicked myself in the face…LITERALLY! Not only that but it was in middle school and in front of my ENTIRE class…yes yes they were laughing and I picked myself up off the floor & started laughing too!

    And currently…I can’t go a day without spilling something on myself…you’d think I were one of your little boys! In fact I had to change three, yes count them THREE times before I walked out of my house to come to work! (At least I had the courtesy to change…normally I’m too lazy or “frugal” to do that…I dirty too many clothes as it is!)

  13. i fell off the stage onto the communion table and people taking communion. right before leading worship. a little boy ran out to his dad and said, “Marcy fell on Jesus’ blood.”

    i think i win.


  14. I love all the “embarrassing” musicians. but I’m not embarrassed by that at all.

    Mostly I embarrassed by passing gas in public places… or overflowing toilets… but then, no one wants to hear about that!


  15. After reading these comments I am convinced that all of you are extremely dysfunctional.

    So, I am going to go put on my Belinda Carlisle and hop around the house before I go run errands.


  16. embarrassing? I try to do as little as possible to embarrass myself… And even if there was something worth sharing, I wouldn’t.
    I’m sorry.

    But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading how everyone else is embarrassed by themselves. hehehe

  17. Andrew and I are building our wedding playlist. I told him I wanted “(They Long to Be) Close to You” to be played at some time. When I played him a short sample, I think he died a little on the inside. Not in a good way.

    But I still love that song.

    My embarrassment? In 11th grade, I was in the Pirates of Penzance. I’d had knee surgery the year before and my folks wanted me to wear knee pads for the crawling-around scenes. My dad walked into play practice and yelled across the auditorium, “Did you remember to get pads?!”

  18. Ah…since we’re all in the open and sharing mode.

    I’ve listened to a couple Celine Dion’s songs and my heart melted.

  19. “why do birds…suddenly appear…everytime…you are near…just like me, they long to be….” NUF SAID…
    BUT the question begs asking…
    Can you SING Captain and Tennille???
    I can, and LOUD!

    “Love…..love will keep us together…think of me babe, whenever…some sweet talkin’ girl comes along…”

    I have to STOP….but I COULD go on and on and on and on…..

    You made me laugh!

  20. OMG!!!!!! I LOVE Karen Carpenter too!!!! Sad thing is, I’ve never realized that was something I should have been embarassed about. I just love the mellowness of her voice. I grew up hearing the Carpenter’s music in my home, so I still love it.

  21. I often stand in the mirror and pretend I’m being interviewed. Imagine my horror when my 2 year old says, “Mommy, who are you talking to ?”

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